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Silicone Soap Molds - Basic

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Crafters Choice™ 15 Cavity Euro Rectangle Silicone Soap Mold 1613
Manufacturer Lead Time: 1-2 weeks

Large quantity lead times up to 12 weeksThis silicone soap mold allows for soapers to create a modern version of the classic rectangle soap. The soap made with this mold is slightly narrower and slightly thicker than a traditional bar.


Crafters Choice™ Cake Slice Silicone Soap Mold 1616
Manufacturer Lead Time: 1-2 weeks

Large order lead times 12 weeks.Create aromatic cake slices that are actually good for you! Make soap versions of your favorite pies and cakes such as apple pie, key lime pie, cherry pie, birthday cake or cheesecake with this silicone mold.


Crafters Choice™ Euro Round Silicone Soap Mold 1614
Manufacturer Lead Time: 1-2 weeks

Large order lead times 12 weeks.Enjoy the benefits of a flat and rounded soap with this silicone mold. The flat edge is ideal for helping soap stay on your soap dish, and the rounded side fits nicely in your hand while using.


Crafters Choice™ Heart Guest Silicone Mold 1612
Share some soap love with the guest-sized soap hearts created from this silicone mold. We love using this mold for crafting Valentine’s Day inspired soaps. Mold comes in a natural semi-translucent color.


Crafters Choice™ Heart Teardrop Small Silicone Soap Mold 4001
These heart teardrop soaps are the unique shape you've been looking for. Use as guest soaps or make with friends for a wedding shower.


Crafters Choice™ Oval Basic Silicone Mold 1606
Create simple bars of soap with this classic oval soap mold. This is a staple mold for many soapmakers, and is suitable for natural bars of soap.


Crafters Choice™ Oval Guest Silicone Mold 1608
The small classic soaps made using this mold are perfect for the hospitality industry. Create soaps for hotels and bed & breakfasts with this quality silicone mold.


Crafters Choice™ Puzzle Piece Silicone Soap Mold 1615
Creating puzzle piece soap doesn’t have to be an enigma. Use this silicone mold to create soap suitable for an autism related fundraiser or for your puzzle solving friends!


Crafters Choice™ Rectangle Basic Silicone Mold 1601
Silicone molds and rectangle shaped molds are favorites for many soap makers. This has both! Silicone allows for easy removal and the rectangle shape allows soapers to make a classic soap bar.


Crafters Choice™ Rectangle Guest Silicone Mold 1610
We love this mold for making soap for visiting guests around the holiday. Professional soapers use it to craft soap for the hospitality industry.


Crafters Choice™ Round Ball 1 1/4" Silicone Soap Mold 1802
Gumballs? Marbles? Nope, the small balls made from this mold are soap! Use this mold to create embeds for a gumball soap loaf or use them as decorative accents.


Crafters Choice™ Round Ball 2 1/4" Silicone Soap Mold 1801
The large soap balls made from this soap mold can be used as a bar on their own or embedded into a loaf. Create creepy eyeball soap for Halloween, Holiday soap ornaments in December or fishing bobber soap for Father’s Day.


Crafters Choice™ Round Ball 7/8" Silicone Soap Mold 1803
Create small soap balls with this silicone soap mold. Embed these cute soaps into a loaf or larger bar mold for a creative and unique soap design. These small soaps can also be used as single use bars for the gym!


Crafters Choice™ Round Basic Silicone Mold 1602
Create classic circular soap with this traditional round silicone mold. This is our favorite mold to use with our rubber duckies or luffas. A festive rubber duck can be found for most holidays, and luffa soap is perfect for pedicures.


Crafters Choice™ Round Guest Silicone Mold 1607
Craft soap, bath fizzies, lotion bars or shower tabs with this versatile soap mold. Its smaller guest size makes it perfect for a many projects. We love having it on hand with other projects to pour left over soap in it.


Crafters Choice™ Soap Pop Silicone Mold 1617
Add a touch of summer to your craft show table with soap pops made with this silicone mold! Create classic red, white and blue soap pops in July, or add fruity embeds and sweet scents for a colorful bar suitable all summer long.


Crafters Choice™ Square Basic Silicone Mold 1605
This basic square mold allows for soap creations that are anything but basic! Use this mold with embed paper to create completely personalized bars of soap for weddings, bridal showers, or baby showers.


Crafters Choice™ Square Guest Silicone Mold 1609
A guest sized soap mold is a must for soap makers. Use it for leftover soap batter, and then offer these as samples! This mold creates a small soap bar, which can be sold to hotels, or add some color to your small guest-sized soap and market them for children.


Crafters Choice™ Tray 12 Rectangles Silicone Mold 1701
This silicone tray mold is wonderful for MP, CP, HP, and CPOP soap projects. Pour twelve bars at once to save time! It also has grooves to ease in cutting straight bars once the soap has hardened.

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