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Packaging Gift Basket Supplies Ribbon - (You Are Here - C2319)


Curling Ribbons elegantly close cello bags, and finish your packaging. We have ribbons in a variety of colors to fit with your brand or party!

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Crafters Choice™ Black Curling Ribbon
Use this Black Curling Ribbon to to decorate gift baskets or individually wrapped products. Shining black spool contains 500 yds. Ribbon is 3/16 in wide.

Crafters Choice™ Brown Curling Ribbon
This brown curling ribbon is great to use to tie up cello bags full of soaps. Pair the brown with orange for Thanksgiving inspired gift bags and baskets!

Crafters Choice™ Burgundy Curling Ribbon
This Burgundy Curling Ribbon makes any gift basket or bag look like its ready for the red carpet.

Crafters Choice™ Citrus Green Curling Ribbon
Our Citrus Green Curling ribbon is colored like key lime and adds a delicious splash of color to any summer or spring themed gift basket or soap.

Crafters Choice™ Dark Gold Curling Ribbon
Cut, curl and tie our Dark Gold Curling Ribbon to gift baskets, gift bags and individually wrapped products to make them look extra special!

Crafters Choice™ Green Curling Ribbon
Use our Green Curling Ribbon in spring baskets to decorate and add a grassy and lively feel.

Crafters Choice™ Hunter Green Curling Ribbon
Cut, curl and tie our Hunter Green Curling Ribbon to gift bags, baskets and more. Pair with our Red Curling Ribbon to add holiday spirit to Christmas themed gifts!

Crafters Choice™ Lavender Curling Ribbon
This luscious looking Lavender Curling Ribbon is the perfect way to add extra beauty to girly gifts. Use this purple ribbon to tie up gift bags and wrap around gift baskets.

Crafters Choice™ Light Blue Curling Ribbon
Our Light Blue Curling Ribbon can be cut, curled and tied to individual items, gift bags and baskets. Our light blue is perfect for “It’s a Boy” baby shower gifts!

Crafters Choice™ Light Gold Curling Ribbon
Our Light Gold Curling Ribbon will add a touch of royalty to any of your gift baskets or stuffed cello bags!

Crafters Choice™ Light Pink Curling Ribbon
This Light Pink Curling Ribbon is great for baby shower baskets and gifts! Just cut, curl and tie!

Crafters Choice™ Light Yellow Curling Ribbon
This light Yellow Curling Ribbon is colored just like a baby chick, which makes it perfect to use on Easter themed gift baskets.

Crafters Choice™ Orange Curling Ribbon
Our Orange Curling Ribbon can be cut and curled to use to tie together cello bags or decorate gift baskets. Great for Halloween and Thanksgiving baskets and bags!

Crafters Choice™ Pink Curling Ribbon
This pretty Pink Curling Ribbon is great to use on girly gift baskets or bags. Great for girl’s birthdays or bachelorette parties!

Crafters Choice™ Purple Curling Ribbon
Cut and curl this Purple Curling Ribbon to tie together gift bags or decorate gift baskets and more! Pair with pink for the ultimate girly gift.

Crafters Choice™ Red Curling Ribbon
Our Red Curling Ribbon can be used to add extra holiday flare to your Christmas or Valentine’s Day gift bags and baskets.

Crafters Choice™ Royal Blue Curling Ribbon
Our Royal Blue Curling Ribbon can be cut, curled and tied to bags and baskets for decoration. We think this color is perfect for boy’s birthdays!

Crafters Choice™ Silver Curling Ribbon
Pair our Silver Curling Ribbon with any of our other colors and tie to baskets and gift bags to give them an extra-special look and feel!

Crafters Choice™ Vanilla Curling Ribbon
This Vanilla Curling Ribbon is shiny yet subtle, which make it perfect for party baskets. We think it works great for New Year’s Eve gift baskets!

Crafters Choice™ White Curling Ribbon
Our shining White Curling Ribbon adds an elegant touch to gift baskets and bags and is perfect to use for wedding or winter themed baskets!

Crafters Choice™ Yellow Curling Ribbon
Our Yellow Curling Ribbon is bright and beautiful when added to spring and summer gift baskets! Just cut, curl and tie!

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