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Crafter’s Choice Luffa is a natural exfoliant that comes from the inside of a dehydrated and cleaned out gourd. We offer Luffa in three different sizes with the intent to be put in soaps to embellish the bar and exfoliate skin.

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Crafters Choice™ 10 inch Luffa
Cosmetic Loofah is considered an all natural exfoliant and is popularly embedded into soap. The 10 inch Luffa size is great for cutting multiple custom size embeds. Luffa is usually used in soaps to exfoliate rough areas of the body. Embed in a handheld bar for pedicure soaps!

Crafters Choice™ 5 inch Luffa
Loofah is considered an all natural exfoliant and is typically used in pedicure/foot soap. Our 5 inch luffa siza is perfect to cut and create custom sized soap embeds. Color and size may vary depending on the farm!

Crafters Choice™ 7/8 inch Luffa
This size Luffa is cut in 7/8 inch slices and is ready to be embedded into soap! Use this natural exfoliant from the sea to create your own pedicure soaps or exfoliating bars! Cosmetic Loofah is perfect for pampering pedicure bars of soap.

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