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Bags & Wrap Tape and Ribbons Washi Tape - (You Are Here - C3384)

Washi Tape

Washi Tape is an easy way to to decorate and seal product packaging! Fun, colorful designs add a unique look to your product line.

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Black & White Striped Washi Tape
This Black & White Striped Washi Tape is the perfect way to decorate the package of fancy handmade soaps and cosmetics. The simple black and white stripes match everything!

Cherry Blossom Washi Tape
Cherry Blossom Washi Tape has a light gray background decorated with dancing pink and white cherry blossoms. This unique tape is the perfect way to decorate cherry blossom fragranced products.

Gold Chevron Foil Washi Tape
If you want to add easy, fun flare to boring labels or soap boxes, Gold Chevron Foil Tape is a great way to do this! Alternating chevron lines of shining gold and white decorate this roll of tape.

Gold Foil Washi Tape
Gold Foil Washi Tape is a simple, elegant way to make product packaging pop on the shelves. The gold foil glistens everytime it hits the light and looks great with any color product.

Gold Glitter Washi Tape
Gold Glitter Washi Tape is a must have on any fancy, royal product line. The beautiful gold and glittering tape will take the look of your products to the next level!

Gold Hearts Foil Washi Tape
Gold Hearts Foil Washi Tape has shining gold hearts on white washi tape. Use this tape to add extra love to anniversary, wedding and valentine's gifts!

Green Glitter Washi Tape
The glimmering green of this washi tape reminds us of a magic fairy or the tail of a mermaid. Green Glitter Washi Tape is a great way to enhance whimsical or spring product line.

Happy Birthday Foil Washi Tape
This white foil washi tape has "Happy Birthday!" written across the tape roll in beautiful shiny colors. Use to decorate packaging of handmade gifts for birthdays.

Light Blue Washi Tape
Light Blue Washi Tape looks like a cloudless sky and is a beautiful way to embellish labels and packaging. Great to make a snowflake or raindrop design on labels!

Light Green Washi Tape
Light Green Washi Tape can be used to add a pop of green to labels, soap boxes and more! Great for "going green" and natural products.

Light Pink Washi Tape
Light Pink Washi Tape can be used to decorate the packaging of so many things. This pretty pink color is great for princess products, and the perfect pink for cotton candy and sweet candy scented gifts.

Orange & Pink Chevron Washi Tape
This adorable Orange and Pink Chevron Washi Tape is a natural colored tape with alternating orange and pink chevron lines. The bright colors are perfect for Easter, spring and summer!

Orange Washi Tape
Orange Washi Tape can be used to decorate a variety of different product packaging. The warm orange hue is great for summer, fall and halloween products!

Pink Glitter Washi Tape
Packages decorated with Pink Glitter Washi Tape are fit for a princess! The lovely magenta colored tape sparkles in the light and is a favorite of female adults and kids alike.

Purple Glitter Washi Tape
Use this perfect Purple Glitter Washi Tape to make labels pop! Make simple designs and pair with the other glitter tapes for even more fun! Great for girls products.

Purple Washi Tape
Purple Washi Tape is a plain yet pretty way to add color to your packaged handmade products. The deep purple color is great for little girls products!

Rainbow Foil Washi Tape
An ombre of shining rainbow colors decorate this foil washi tape. Add Rainbow Foil Washi Tape to any product packaging, and you are sure to catch the eye of everyone!

Rainbow Striped Glitter Washi Tape
Add this Rainbow Striped Glitter Washi Tape to labels and packaging to attract customers' eyes. This fantastic tape has rainbow, diagonal stripes that glimmer in the light.

Red Glitter Washi Tape
Red Glitter Washi Tape shines like a ruby, and is the perfect complement to Christmas, Valentine's Day and special occasion product lines.

Red Washi Tape
Use Red Washi Tape to decorate labels or packaging on a variety of products. Great for Christmas, Americana and Valentine's themed product lines!

Silver Chevron Foil Washi Tape
Add this Silver Chevron Foil Washi Tape to labels, boxes, bags and more! The silver and white striped chevron pattern can be used for any occasion.

Silver Foil Washi Tape
Add Silver Foil Washi Tape to your product packaging to catch the eye of customers. The shining silver will match any product design, and is great for space-themed items.

Teal Glitter Washi Tape
Stunning Teal Glitter Washi Tape glistens like the snow when used on labels and packaging! The terrific color also resembles an ice princess or the summer sky.

Yellow Washi Tape
Yellow Washi Tape will brighten up any label, bottle or box you stick it to! Perfect for summer soaps, lemony lotions and Easter everything.

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