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Bath & Body Bases Sample Sets - (You Are Here - G1105)


We offer sample sets of our Creams and Lotions, Salts, and Washes which allow you to test out a variety of different cosmetics to sell to your customers. You are sure to find your favorite lotion bases, salts and liquid wash bases with these convenient sample sets!

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Liquid Wash Bases Sample Kit
This kit is an assortment of each of our liquid washes. Find the liquid wash that works best for you.

You Save $4.90 buying these items as a kit.

Lotion Base Sample Kit
This is an assortment of lotion bases that can be packaged in a bottle. Use this sample set to find your favorite lotion base!

You Save $10.80 buying these items as a kit.

Salt and Sugar Sample Set
Test out different salt and sugar exfoliants with this sample set. This sampler set includes (5) 2 oz. bags of salts/sugars. Fine Grain Dead Sea Salt, Dendritic Salt, Fine Grain European Spa Salt, White Granulated Sugar, and Brown Sugar are included.

You Save $2.42 buying these items as a kit.

Salt Sample Set 1
This kit is a wonderful assortment of our most popular salts for bathing. Enjoy testing each salt in bath products to find your favorites.

Salt Sample Set 2
Enjoy two different bath salts with this sampler set. Set includes (1) 2 oz. bag of Dead Sea Salt Blend and (1) 2 oz. bag of European Sea Salt Blend.

You Save $0.57 buying these items as a kit.

Thick Lotions Sample Set
This sample set includes (4) 16 oz jars of thick lotion. These lotions and creams can be re-packaged into smaller jars for re-sale or color and fragrance can be added to them to customize them. Set includes Goat Milk & Honey Lotion, Luxury Hand and Body Cream, Shea Butter & Aloe Lotion, and Silky Body Butter.

You Save $10.85 buying these items as a kit.

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