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Bath & Body Bases Sample Sets Creams and Lotions - (You Are Here - C3037)

Creams and Lotions

Our creams and lotions Sample Sets are meant to help you find your favorite lotion base. Use the large packages in the sets to create sample sized creams and lotions to find which ones your customers love the most!

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Lotion Base Sample Kit
This is an assortment of lotion bases that can be packaged in a bottle. Use this sample set to find your favorite lotion base!

Thick Lotions Sample Set
This sample set includes (4) 16 oz jars of thick lotion. These lotions and creams can be re-packaged into smaller jars for re-sale or color and fragrance can be added to them to customize them. Set includes Goat Milk & Honey Lotion, Luxury Hand and Body Cream, Shea Butter & Aloe Lotion, and Silky Body Butter.

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