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Silver Metal Bottles

Silver Metal Bottles are constructed with aluminum and used for body sprays, linen sprays, and room sprays. The bottles are classy, and suitable for quality handmade cosmetics. Your eco-conscience customers will love them, as they can be recycled!

Bottles do not come with caps unless stated. A bottle and cap must have matching finishes to fit. For example, a 24/410 bottle needs a 24/410 cap.

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2.5 oz Silver Aluminum Bullet Bottle - 24/410
This sleek, silver aluminum bottle is great for spray cosmetics. Fits our 24/410 sized tops (sold separately).

4 oz Silver Aluminum Bullet Bottle - 24/410
This sturdy aluminum bottle is finished so that it will not rust when filled with your water-based cosmetics. Top with a 24/410 top (sold separately).

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