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Fragrance Oils Fragrance Formulator Sample Sets - (You Are Here - C3359)

Sample Sets

Our collection of Fragrance Formulator sample sets feature the families of our one note fragrances! Use these sets to test and try out concoctions of your own that will take your product line to the next level!

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Fragrance Formulator™ All - Entire Collection Sampler Sets
Use this collection of the entire Fragrance Formulator product line to create thousands of your own custom blends! This set features 10 different families of fragrances with an array of top, middle and bottom notes. Each sample fragrance oil is a 2 ounce size. This sample set also includes a 2 ounce bottle of our blending binder.

Fragrance Formulator™ Citrus Sampler Set
Our Fragrance Formulator Citrus Sampler Set contains our 4 citrus oils. It includes Fizz, Lemon, Orange and Pink Grapefruit. These scents make up top notes.

Fragrance Formulator™ Clean Sampler Set
This kit has seven of our clean smelling Fragrance Formulator oils including Laundry and Breeze. These scents make up top and middle notes.

Fragrance Formulator™ Floral Sampler Set
This sample set contains 9 floral scents including Watery Floral, Lavender and Powder. This scents make up top, middle and bottom notes.

Fragrance Formulator™ Fruit Sampler Set
This kit of fragrance formulator oils contains our 9 fruity oils. These scents make up top, middle and bottom notes.

Fragrance Formulator™ Gourmand Sampler Set
This kit contains our seven sweet gourmand scented Fragrance Formulator oils.This group of oils contains a range from top to bottom scent notes.

Fragrance Formulator™ Herbal Sampler Set
Our Fragrance Formulator Herbal Sampler Set contains our Mint, Herbal Citrus and Green Herbal oils. These notes are typically lighter, making up the top/middle notes.

Fragrance Formulator™ Masculine Sampler Set
This sample set of Fragrance Formulator oils is made up of three masculine scents including Fougere, Tobacco and Tonka Bean.

Fragrance Formulator™ Spice & Musk Sampler Set
Our Spice & Musk sampler set features all of the single note fragrances oils in the Fragrance Formulator™ spice and musk families. These two families are often made up of strong middle and bottom notes.

Winter Fragrance Blending Kit
Get started with creating custom fragrance blends with this winter blending set! This blending starter set includes the ingredients and equipment needed to make four of your very own wintertime fragrance blends. It includes six Fragrance Formulator fragrance oils, two ounces of blending binder, fifty blotter sticks, ten plastic droppers, one beaker, an instruction sheet and four amber glass bottles.

You Save $17.30 buying these items as a kit.

Fragrance Formulator™ Woody Sampler Set
This kit includes three of our woody scented Fragrance Formulator oils. Woody scents make up the bottom notes of a fragrance.

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