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Jars & Tins Plastic Jars (By Color) Natural Plastic Jars - (You Are Here - C2508)

Natural Plastic Jars

Natural Plastic Jars can be used for a variety of handmade cosmetic products. Use the larger sizes for body butters and body scrubs or the smaller sizes for lip balms.

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1/4 oz LDPE Polycon with Hinged Lid - Natural
This product is made of LDPE plastic.
Set Height: 0.5". Set Diameter: 1.5"
Best Shrink Wrap Size: 57 x 55.

3 oz Natural LOW PROFILE Plastic Jar & Top
This jar is made of PP plastic. Jar Height: 1 1/8".
Jar Diameter: 2 13/16".
Best Shrink Wrap Size: 115x55.

Customers have reported that this jar holds 2.5 oz of some products.

4 oz Natural Classic Plastic Jar - 71 mm Top
This jar is made of PP plastic.
Jar Height: 1.75". Top Requirement: 71 mm
Best Shrink Wrap Size: 115x55. Made in the U.S.A.

6.5 oz Natural LOW PROFILE Jar and Top
This jar is made of PP plastic.
Jar Height: 1.75 ". Jar Diameter: 4".
Best Shrink Wrap Size: 170x55.
Made in China.

8 oz Nat Reverse Tapered Jar & Blue Lid (Surplus)
This unique natural reverse tapered jar and light blue lid will be a great addiction to your product line. Great for lotions, creams, bath salts and more! Sold as a set.

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