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Jars & Tins Tops & Closures Drum Spigots & Jug Pumps - (You Are Here - C2439)

Drum Spigots & Jug Pumps

Drum Spigots & Jug Pumps are to ease your soapmaking or lotion making production. Jug Pumps can be used to pump out lotion from larger containers. Drum Spigots quickly dispense liquid from drums, commonly used for fragrance and essential oil drums.

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38/400 Gallon Jug Pump
This closure fits containers requiring a 38/400 top.

38/400 Spigot & Mini Drum Adaptor
The perfect way to quickly dispensing fragrance oils from 400 oz drums and thin liquids from gallon jugs. Fits 38/400 sized jugs.

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