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Spa Socks & Gloves

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Crafters Choice™ Reflexology Spa Socks
Reflexology Socks are hot on the market right now! Follow the diagram on the bottom of each sock to find the pressure points of different body parts. Massage the pressure point associated with your pain or apply creams and oils. Great for spa and essential oil product lines!

Crafters Choice™ Spa Socks With No Slip Bottom - Navy Blue
These Spa Socks are navy blue in color with white, foot-shaped "no slip" grips one the bottoms. These socks are thought to lock in moisture and benefit dry feet. Great for overnight use!

Crafters Choice™ Spa Socks With No Slip Bottom - Pink
These pretty pink Spa Socks are perfect for pampering rough, dry feet. Complete with "no slip" grips at the bottom, place socks on after applying lotion or oil to lock in moisture. Great for any pampering product line.

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