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Here is our collection of books and magazines to use as resources when soapmaking and cosmetic crafting! This collection features our very own Handmade Magazine which can help you feel inspired as you read our recipes, chemistry articles, small business advice columns and more!

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Handmade Magazine - Digital Magazine Subscription
This is an outstanding value. Each subscription gives you access to current, future and past issues of Handmade Magazine! To view the magazines go to "My Account - Bookcase". You will have all issues there at your fingertips! Subscription will auto-renew every 12 months.

Handmade Magazine in Print - 01/2018
Vol. 65 - 'That's Sweet!' was written for those with a sweet tooth! Each recipe, article and inspiration page features something super sugary or crazy cool - either way, you'll be thinking "That's Sweet!" each time you turn the page.

Handmade Magazine in Print - 02/2018
Vol. 66 - 'United States Regions'. In this issue of Handmade Magazine, we explored each of the five regions of the US find new inspiration. Along with interesting facts and information for each region, we have provided recipes, fragrance blends, stories and more!

Handmade Magazine in Print - 03/2018
Vol. 67 - 'Kids'. This edition of Handmade Magazine was inspired by the cool, crafty, colorful trends found in kids products. This magazine is full of recipes, articles and even crafts for the kids!

Handmade Magazine in Print - 04/2018
Vol. 68 - 'Food Trends'. In this edition of Handmade Magazine, we found inspiration for crafty cosmetics through some of our favorite food trends! Including recipes that look good enough to eat, articles and tips on how to craft using food and much more.

Handmade Magazine in Print - 05/2017
Vol. 57 - 'Baby'. This month's magazine features the best recipes for baby cosmetic products and products for new moms. These recipes are accompanied by business, chemistry and aromatherapy articles as well!

Handmade Magazine in Print - 05/2018
Vol. 69 - 'Garden Party'. You will enjoy this edition of Handmade Magazine whether you have a green thumb or not! Learn from experts and be inspired by great, green recipes.

Handmade Magazine in Print - 06/2017
Vol. 58 - 'Handmade for the Hospitality Industry'. This magazine features recipes for guest sized cosmetics, as well as directions for creating large batches, that can be used in the hospitality industry!

Handmade Magazine in Print - 06/2018
Vol. 70 - 'Hello Summer!" is full of bright, summery sweet content that will inspire you during your downtime! This magazine features some classic summer favorites like Aloe Butter, as well as new trends like Micellar Water.

Handmade Magazine in Print - 07/2017
Vol. 59 - "Top 50 Favorite Handmade Recipes" is a special edition magazine that includes 50 of our best selling recipes! Learn how to make each and every one of these fun and unique recipes that we LOVE! Recipes range from MP Soaps, bath fizzies, Lotion and more!

Handmade Magazine in Print - 08/2017
Vol. 60 - 'Minimalism' was inspired by the millennial trend of simplicity. We have created beautiful recipes that reflect this trend by using few, but quality, ingredients! This issue also includes articles written to help transition your business model to a more minimalistic approach!

Handmade Magazine in Print - 09/2017
Vol. 61 - 'Warm & Cozy Fall' is the inspiration behind this issue. Enjoy recipes that look and smell like a cozy fall day! Be inspired by the unique recipes, business articles, educational articles and much more.

Handmade Magazine in Print - 10/2017
Vol. 62 - 'Home For The Holidays' was designed to ease the stress of the busy season by providing the reader with tips, tricks and recipes to refer to during the holiday season! Find inspiration through Business Articles, Chemistry Articles, Recipes and more!

Handmade Magazine in Print - 11/2017
Vol. 63 - 'Crafting for a Cause' is packed with information and recipes that you can use to take your business to the next level! Learn all about fundraising and how it can build your business in this issue.

Handmade Magazine in Print - 12/2017
Vol. 64 - 'Gold & Citrus'. Was written with the inspiration of citrus in mind. The magazine features chemistry articles, recipes and more revolving around sweet citrus, as well as other trends in beauty.

Handmade Magazine Subscription
Beginning Jan. 2017, monthly subscriptions will include various product and ingredient samples featured in the magazine. Subscription issues will ship for free in the US with all handling fees waived.

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Melt & Pour Soapmaking Book - By Debbie May
This Melt and Pour Soapmaking Book like none other in the market. Ideal for beginners seeking to learn how to make soap using best practices and/or professionals looking to consolidate all their education to one location. This book includes 24 soap making techniques with 32 inspirational designs!

Simple Labeling & Regulations - By Debbie May
Simple Labeling for Soap & Cosmetics was written for cosmetic crafters in mind. This book is an easy to understand labeling book with over 500 pages of regulations, explanations and pictorial guides. Cosmetic labeling doesn't have to be scary anymore!

Soap and Cosmetic Labeling Guidelines - 3rd Ed.
In this book, Soap & Cosmetic Labeling, author Marie Gale clearly explains the different rules and regulations that apply to labeling soaps and cosmetics and other related products. As she says, "getting the labeling right isn't very complicated...but it is very detailed."

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