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Single Print Issues

Our collection of 2018 Handmade Magazines features printed copies of the monthly magazine! Each magazine has business articles, recipes, chemistry articles and more to inspire you and your business. Follow the latest trends in soap and cosmetic making with these magazines. Notice: Starting Sept. 1, 2018 print issues will only be available via subscription.

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Handmade Magazine in Print - 08/2018
Vol. 72 - 'Hello Honey'. This issue of Handmade Magazine is buzzing with excitement and creativity. August is the perfect time to celebrate bees so we showcased all of the lovely things you can do with honey in handmade care products.

Handmade Magazine in Print - 07/2018
Vol. 71 - 'Red, White & Blue' is full of all things Americana! This issue is perfect for recipes for 4th of July, Labor Day and Made In America Product lines. Find recipes, articles, inspiration and more.

Handmade Magazine in Print - 06/2018
Vol. 70 - 'Hello Summer!" is full of bright, summery sweet content that will inspire you during your downtime! This magazine features some classic summer favorites like Aloe Butter, as well as new trends like Micellar Water.

Handmade Magazine in Print - 05/2018
Vol. 69 - 'Garden Party'. You will enjoy this edition of Handmade Magazine whether you have a green thumb or not! Learn from experts and be inspired by great, green recipes.

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