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Soap Making Supplies Embeds & Embellishments Toys - (You Are Here - C3032)


Crafter’s Choice Toys are intended to be used to embellish bars of soap. These toys come in Gingerbread Men, Gold Fish, Snakes, and Turtles. Use to decorate soaps for kids!

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Crafters Choice™ Alien Vinyl Toys
These Alien Vinyl Toys are out of this world! They are mini blue aliens, each with its own flare, that make a great addition on soaps, inside bath fizzies and much more! Embed these awesome aliens in galaxy themed or kids products!

1" Tall
1" Wide

Crafters Choice™ Big Mouth Fish Toys
These colorful fish toys are the perfect addition to any kids line! These fun toys squirt water and pair perfectly with a bubble bath. Add to your handmade soaps, bath fizzies and more.

Dimensions: 2 1/4"

Crafters Choice™ Gingerbread Men (Mini) Toys
These mini vinyl gingerbread men toys are perfect to embed in your holiday soaps. Use the soaps as stocking stuffers or add the toys to gift sets. Try with our snow globe soap recipe! Your Holiday and Christmas Soaps are going to be a hit!

Dimensions: Approximately 1 3/8 x 1 5/8 inch.

Crafters Choice™ Goldfish (Mini) Toys
These adorable, bright colorful big-eyed rubber fish are great to embed into your favorite soaps. Add to sparkly blue soaps to create an underwater-effect!
Dimensions: Approximately 3/4"

Crafters Choice™ Mini Emoji Poop Toys
These silly poop characters are great for kids gifts or gag gifts. These mini emoji poop toys are a great addition to soaps, bath fizzies and treat bags!

Crafters Choice™ Owl Toys
These cute owl toys would be a great addition to soap, bath fizzies and gift bags!

Crafters Choice™ Snake Vinyl Toy
These vinyl snakes look great in a clear bottle of body wash, shower gel or liquid soap! These snake toys can also be embedded into melt & pour soap bars. Always a hit with kids! Dimensions: Approximately 7.5" - 9" in length.

Crafters Choice™ Whale Toys
The nautical lovers will adore these whale toys! Great addition to soap, bath fizzies and gift bags!

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