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Milky Way™ Butterfly 5 Guest Soap Molds (MW 36)
Some people say that when a butterfly lands on you it means good luck. Increase your luck with the five beautiful designs in the Guest 5 Butterfly Soap Mold. These creatures are so adorable they might fly off the shelves sooner than you can spell “Metamorphosis.”

Helpful Product Information:
Material: Plastic Style: Bar
Mold Capacity (oz): 7.5 Bar Cavities: 5
Avg. Bar Weight: 1.5 oz Bar Length: 2"
Bar Width: 2" Max Temperature: 145ºF
Bar Depth: 0.75"

Milky Way™ Butterfly 6 Soap Mold Tray (MW 262)
Three unique butterflies are centered in the square, one in each cavity. Not only is the butterfly a beautiful creature but it also has been known to symbolize many things such as change, life and hope.

Helpful Product Information:
Bar Depth: 1.25" Max Temperature: 135ºF
Bar Width: 2.15" Bar Length: 3.375"
Avg. Bar Weight: 4.85 oz Bar Cavities: 6
Style: Tray Material: Plastic

Crafters Choice™ Butterfly Column Silicone Soap Mold 2012
Brighten up any soapy scene with this beautiful butterfly. Make it spring, summer or year round! Embed fits in Crafter’s Choice Regular Loaf Silicone Mold 1501 and Rectangle Regular Column Silicone Soap Mold 2009.

Helpful Product Information:
Bar Depth: 1.5" Max Temperature: 500ºF
Bar Width: 2.5" Bar Length: 8.125"
Style: Column Bar Cavities: 1
Mold Capacity (oz): 16

Life Of The Party™ Butterfly Mini Mold (LOP 32)
Create cute, colorful butterfly soaps and mini bath fizzies with the Butterfly Mini Mold. The tiny size makes these perfect to embed in or embellish larger bars of soap.

Helpful Product Information:
Max Temperature: 135°F Avg. Bar Weight: 0.55 oz
Style: Bar Mold Capacity (oz): 4.95
Bar Cavities: 9

Milky Way™ Butterfly Small Round Soap Mold (MW 279)
Each small round cavity is adorned with a petite butterfly. These cute tarts are perfect for party favors, guest bathrooms or even as travel sized lotion bars!

Helpful Product Information:
Style: Bar Material: Plastic
Bar Cavities: 8 Avg. Bar Weight: 0.65 oz
Bar Length: 1.5" Bar Width: 1.5"
Max Temperature: 135ºF Bar Depth: 7/8"

Milky Way™ Butterfly Soap Mold (MW 313)
This soap mold has beautifully detailed butterfly wings that can be seen in any color soap or lotion bar. Use these butterfly soaps to fill spring and Easter baskets.

Helpful Product Information:
Material: Plastic Style: Bar
Bar Cavities: 3 Avg. Bar Weight: 3.6 oz
Bar Length: 2.75" Bar Width: 3.5"
Bar Depth: 1"

Milky Way™ Garden Butterfly Soap Mold (MW 31)
For centuries, the butterfly has been honored as a symbol of transformation. The Butterfly Soap Mold will help you unfurl your creative wings.

Helpful Product Information:
Bar Depth: 1" Max Temperature: 145ºF
Bar Width: 2.5" Bar Length: 2.5"
Avg. Bar Weight: 3.75 oz Bar Cavities: 3
Mold Capacity (oz): 12 Style: Bar
Material: Plastic

Milky Way™ Whimsical Butterfly Soap Mold (MW 283)
The whimsical butterflies made from this mold are guest-sized, and fit perfectly in a child's hand. Kids will fantasize about their favorite stories as they lather up with this fun butterfly!

Helpful Product Information:
Material: Plastic Style: Bar
Bar Cavities: 5 Avg. Bar Weight: 1.15 oz
Bar Length: 2.5" Bar Width: 2.25"
Bar Depth: 0.5" Max Temperature: 135ºF

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