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Bar Column Molds

Crafter’s Choice Basic Full Size Bar Shape Column Molds make one full sized column loaf. These Molds are made from a sturdy semi-translucent silicone and stand on their own. Pour slowly into properly clamped molds and support the mold on both sides to prevent from bowing. Smaller soap columns can be embedded in these molds!

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Crafters Choice™ Oval Regular Column Silicone Soap Mold 2010
This oval shaped column mold stands vertical, and allows soapers to embed soap in a new way. Place embeds made from Crafter’s Choice Column Shape Molds and Column Mini Molds to create a unique design.

Helpful Product Information:
Style: Column Mold Capacity (oz): 38
Bar Cavities: 1 Avg. Bar Weight: 38 oz
Bar Length: 2.375" Bar Width: 3.75"
Bar Depth: 8.125" Max Temperature: 500ºF

Crafters Choice™ Rectangle Regular Column Silicone Soap Mold 2009
This rectangle column soap mold creates the same size loaf as our popular Regular Loaf Silicone Mold and the Tall & Skinny Loaf Silicone Mold. The column orientation allows artisans to craft soap that would be difficult to create in traditional loaf molds.

Helpful Product Information:
Max Temperature: 500ºF Bar Depth: 8.125"
Bar Width: 3.5" Bar Length: 2.5"
Avg. Bar Weight: 44 oz Bar Cavities: 1
Mold Capacity (oz): 44 Style: Column

Crafters Choice™ Round Regular Column Silicone Soap Mold 2008
Craft circular soap faster with this column soap mold. Once soap has hardened, remove from the mold and slice into bars. You can also embed smaller soap columns into this mold; fancy designs made simple!

Helpful Product Information:
Style: Column Mold Capacity (oz): 31
Avg. Bar Weight: 31 oz Bar Length: 2.75"
Bar Width: 2.75" Bar Depth: 8.25"
Max Temperature: 500ºF

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