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Wholesale Bath and Body Projects include a wide assortment of kits to create different types of cosmetics. Find projects for lotions, body scrubs, bath fizzies, and lip balms to name a few. Kits & Projects come with written directions, ingredients, and specialty equipment to help you get right to the fun part! Use these projects as a springboard to learn how to make new things, or use them to create products to sell at crafts shows or give away as party favors.

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Amethyst Geode Bath Fizzies Kit
Amethyst is very popular gemstone that is a violet variety of quartz. This trendy geode has inspired bath bomb creations because of the dazzling purple color. Be inspired by the trend and create these Amethyst Geode Bath Fizzies!

You Save $34.77 buying these items as a kit.

Helpful Product Information:
Skill Level: Difficult Estimated Time: 2 Hours
Kit Yield: 4 Fizzies Sug. Retail Price: $8.95

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