Crafters Choiceâ„¢ 04 oz Green Basic Plastic Jar - 58/400
4 oz Green Basic Jar is made of PET plastic. This green plastic jar makes for beautiful packaging for any holiday line or speciality cosmetic. Dark green color can protect product from light.
Jar Height: 2.25". Top Requirement: 58/400.
Best Shrink Wrap Size: 95x55. Made in the U.S.A.

08 oz Green Basic Plastic Jar - 70/400
We love this 8 oz Green Basic Jar because the dark green color looks professional and compliments holiday product lines. Use this PET plastic green jar for any thick creams, scrubs and salts.
Jar Height: 3". Top Requirement: 70/400.
Best Shrink Wrap Size: 115x55. Made in the U.S.A.