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Smells Like Sunshine: 4 Summer 2022 Fragrance Trends to Watch
Author: Wholesale Supplies Plus
Wednesday, June 15, 2022

April showers have come and gone, and May flowers now bask in the June sunlight as spring makes way for another summer full of relaxing trips, time spent in the garden and daydreaming in the pool. It’s also time to clear out that spring inventory and make way for products that will complement this season of sunshine. Take a look at some of the top fragrance trends we’re seeing heading into Summer 2022 and get ready to take your new lineup to the next level.

Vacation-Inspired Scents

The last couple summers have made it hard to really get out and experience everything the season has to offer. As this summer approaches, more people are getting ready to make up for lost time, marking the days on their calendar to that vacation they have been putting off, ready to cut loose for fun in the sun. Naturally, vacation and tropics-inspired scents are having a moment. Sweet and exotic tropical fruit fragrances like guava, mango, lychee and passionfruit are trending upward, along with scents that blend tropical fruits with tropical flowers like hibiscus and plumeria. In fact, there’s even a quiet trend of vacation fragrances that actually incorporate notes of water, believe it or not.

Try: Island Nectar, Paradise Mango & Lychee, South Pacific Waters or Abalone & Sea

Garden Scents

This year has been all about floral scents. Sure, spring is ending, but the many floral wonders that emerge in that season thrive throughout summer. The upward trend of scents inspired by the delicate beauty of these flowers are expected to continue throughout the season as well. We’re not just talking about “one-note” scents, either. No, there’s a bouquet of more sophisticated garden fragrances popping up that combine multiple floral hues with greenery and other complementary notes.
Try: Rose Garden, Ginger Flower & HempMonoi de Tahiti or Meadow Grass & Wildflowers.

Wild Imagination

Sometimes the stresses of the everyday world can start to weigh on you and you just want to escape to a fantasy world like the ones you might curl up with in a good book or binge “just one more episode” of at night. The fragrance world is seeing a similar trend in scents that evoke the fun, dreamy, candy-colored worlds like those above. Not only do they have fun, fantastic names, but they also offer some unexpected, imaginative blends of nature and sugary sweets.
Try: Lavender CloudsAzurite SkyMoonflower or Very Peri.

Sophisticated, Inclusive Scents

A trend that keeps growing, and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, is a move toward not only more gender-inclusive packaging and labels, but also fragrances. These fragrances include more complex notes and tie in fragrances like florals that may have been viewed traditionally as “feminine,” but in a sophisticated way that appeals to men and women. Make your lines more inclusive this summer by choosing fragrances that not only fit any of the above trends, but also appeal to both men and women.
Try: Cactus Water & MangoSea Grass & HerbsAustralian Sandalwood or Blue Juniper & Fig.

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