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Autumn Leaves and Snowy Trees: Holiday Fragrance Trends for 2022
Author: Wholesale Supplies Plus
Monday, July 25, 2022

Pretty soon, trees will be ablaze with the bright colors of fall. Not long after that, the first snowflakes will float down and holiday planning will be up and running. As seasons change, so too does your product line, and it never hurts to take a look ahead and forecast what fragrances your customers will go nuts for this holiday season. We’re always here to help our maker community, so we’ve rounded up the hottest trends we’re seeing in the fragrance industry for Fall and Winter 2022.

Woodland Wanderer

The sights and sounds of summer were a welcome release from the everyday, but now, it’s time to retreat to the tranquil majesty of a wooded world where time moves as slowly as trees climbing toward the sky. Rich notes of the forest in the cool, crisp air take center stage as the sweltering sands of the beach and desert fade into seasonal memory. 
Winterberry Walk will conjure visions of sugarplums with sweet notes of lychee and berry, while the fir needle and oak moss ground you in a calm, quiet forest. Explore the snowy pines of Juniper & Evergreen, accompanied by notes of fresh rosemary, cool eucalyptus and sweet juniper berry. Winter Retreat is a virtual escape to the Mediterranean coast, where bright citrus combines with traditional holiday herbals like rosemary and sage.

Warm Holiday Oven

The unmistakable hallmarks of the holiday season linger in memory: soft, twinkling lights, the warmth and laughter of gathering with family and friends, the itchy wool of a hand-knit sweater and the sweet memory of days spent making treats for the whole family from recipes passed down to delight one generation to the next. These fragrances are comforting and decadent, perfect to have around the house during the holiday season, especially when paired with the warm glow of a burning candle.
You haven’t encountered a holiday scent quite like Caramelized Pear, which evokes soft, baked pears sprinkled with brown sugar, clove and cinnamon and finished with velvety sweet caramel. Memories of days spent baking with Grandma will come flooding back with Caramel Rum Cake and its “spirited” blend of rich butterscotch pudding, coconut cream, a dash of nutmeg and splash of dark rum. No holiday meal is complete without Pistachio & Pumpkin, with the lush and familiar richness of pureed pumpkin, whipped vanilla cream and a sprinkle of flavorful crushed pistachio.

Mystic Midnight

When sunshine fades, there’s beauty yet to be seen. Venture into the woods after twilight and a new world emerges: darker, more mysterious, but with a majesty all its own. Deep, powerful scents evoke the low, ominous hoot of an owl or the gentle rush of the night wind whirling through the shadowed trees. 
Particularly popular on TikTok with younger buyers, this trend isn’t about Halloween spookiness. Fragrances in this category create a mood, or represent a moodier aesthetic, like silver moonlight knifing through a shadowy canopy to accent deep blues and dark indigos. Midnight Woods & Fig embodies this trend perfectly, smoldering with the scent of incense and amber, sweet fig leaves, calming cedarwood and a hint of bright bergamot.

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