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Hemp Mask Stick

Yield: 7 Tubes  |  Est. Time: 1/2 Hour  |  Level: Easy

About This Recipe:
Hemp Seed Oil and Matcha Powder.  This combination is thought to soothe and moisturized tired skin.  This recipe makes 7 tubes.

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Recipe Ingredients:
Measure ingredients with a scale or precise measuring tool.

Equipment From Home:
• (1) Microwave Safe Measuring Cup (32 oz)
• (1) Wire Whisk
• (1) Microwave
• (1) Scale - Digital Display

Recipe Disclaimer:
We are not responsible for the products you create from our supplies.

You alone are responsible for product and recipe testing to
ensure compatibility and safety.

NOTE: If you are making these products for sale, good manufacturing practices recommend you wear a hairnet, gloves and a mask. We also recommend a clean apron, workspace and sanitized equipment.
  1. In a glass mesuring cup, weigh in emulisifying wax, cetyl alcohol flakes, meadowfoam seed oil and hemp oil. In 30 second increments, heat oils until waxes are melted (about 1.5 minutes)
  2. Add shea butter and stir to melt.
  3. When oils and waxes are melted, add matcha powder and sea clay.
  4. Measure in hemp seed extract and stir well.
  5. Pour 1.3 oz. of mixture into push up tubes and let harden and cool before capping.
  6. Label product accordingly.
To Use:  Rub on face, keeping out of the eyes. Rinse off with water after 10-15 minutes.

Ingredient Label: Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Sea Clay, Shea Butter, Matcha Powder, Hemp Seed Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Cetyl Alcohol, Glycerin (and) Water (and) Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract.

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