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What Are Stained Glass Liquid Colors?
Author: Wholesale Supplies Plus
Thursday, February 27, 2020

Stained Glass Liquid Colors are D&C, FD&C and Ext.D&C powders that have been added to a liquid base to make them easier to blend into a product. They are water-soluble and synthetic. They produce vivid colors in a clear base and opaque shades in a white base.  They are called “Stained Glass” because you can see through the color in a clear product, just as you can see through a stained glass window. They differ from pigment colors that are denser and block the light from coming through. These liquid dyes are very concentrated and with just one or two drops, you can achieve beautiful colors!

What Products are they Used In?

Melt & Pour Soap – Stained Glass Colors are most commonly used in Melt & Pour Soap. When added to a clear soap base, they produce a bright, translucent color.  When added to a white soap base, they produce beautiful, opaque shades of springtime colors.  Note: adding a red dye to a white soap base, will always create a shade of pink. If you want to make a red soap, you must use a clear base. We do not recommend using stained glass liquid colors in CP soap as they are not pH stable and the colors will morph or fade over time.

Shower Gel/Liquid Soap - Adding Stained Glass Liquid Colors to these water-based products will give you that “stained glass” effect with simply one drop.

Lotion – Since these Stained Glass Liquid Colors are water-soluble, they blend very easily into a lotion. One or two drops will create a beautiful pastel shade of lavender, pink, peach, etc.
Additional Information

Stained Glass colors are beautiful and easy to use but since both the dyes and melt and pour soap are water-soluble, the colors will “bleed” or “migrate” into other colors. Because of this, we recommend using single colors in soap. Layering may be lovely but after about two-four weeks, the colors will begin to migrate into each other.  For this reason, it is best to use only one color in a bar of soap.

There are endless color options when using these dyes. Have fun blending them to create just the right shade to compliment your fragrance oil! To make a deep burnt orange shade for fall leaves, try blending 2 drops of Stained Glass Sunflower Orange with 1 drop Apple Red. One drop of a darker color will add depth to a lighter one.

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