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Handmade Soap Packaging Ideas
Author: Wholesale Supplies Plus
Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Creative Soap Packaging Ideas

Packaging soap for sale or as gifts doesn’t need to be a challenge. Discover numerous creative ways to enhance your soap packaging using everyday items from your home or a quick visit to your local dollar or craft store. Here, we focus on showcasing your soaps in functional and aesthetically pleasing ways. Keep reading and spark ideas for soap packaging!

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Before you begin packaging, it’s crucial to understand the different needs of melt-and-pour soaps (MP) and cold-process soaps (CP). MP soaps can attract moisture from the air, especially in humid conditions, leading to beads of moisture on the soap. Therefore, it's advisable to wrap MP soaps shortly after production. Conversely, CP soaps should be allowed to breathe and do not require immediate wrapping.

DIY Homemade Soap Packaging

Wrapping Your MP Soaps

Step 1
: For the best results, use Professional Clear Food Wrap, available at bulk stores like Costco or Sam’s Club. This type of wrap clings better than typical household brands and effectively protects the soap from moisture.

Step 2: Lay a clear wrap on a flat, smooth surface. Place your soap face down on the wrap. Tip: If your soap has a delicate design, consider placing it face up and carefully stretching the wrap over it.

Step 3: Stretch one side of the wrap tightly over the soap as if wrapping a present, and smooth it down so it clings to the soap.

Step 4: Repeat with the other side, ensuring the wrap overlaps and is smoothed down. Trim any excess wrap to avoid overhang.

Step 5: Turn the soap right side up, stretch the sides of the wrap tightly, trim the excess, and smooth down the ends. Secure it with clear tape, and cover the underside with an ingredient label.

Elegant Handmade Soap Wrapping

Explore some specific soap packaging ideas from our tutorials:

Crayon Soaps: Enhance these playful soaps with a crayon label. Print and cut the label, center it over the soap, and secure it with tape. Present the soap crayons in a small bucket tied with a ribbon for a charming gift.

Green Irish Tweed Soap: This masculine soap can be elegantly presented with a simple wrap. Use a ribbon, twine, or a nicely patterned paper cut to size, wrapped around the soap, and taped down.

Impression Soap: Wrapping paper works perfectly for simple geometric soaps, such as rectangles or squares. Use festive or plain Kraft paper and wrap it like a small gift box.

Rubber Ducky Soap: Use sheer organza for soaps with unique shapes like the rubber ducky. Place the soap on the organza, gather the material at the top, and tie it with a ribbon. These are ideal for baby shower favors.

Kitchen Soap: Opt for a rustic look with a muslin or cotton bag. Stamp the bag with a personal message or your shop name, insert the soap, and tie it with a decorative element like a tiny floral or berry swag.

Packaging for Different Soap Shapes

Different soap shapes require unique packaging approaches to ensure they are both protected and presented beautifully. Whether using clear wraps for standard bars or creative materials like organza for irregular shapes, your packaging can significantly enhance your handmade soaps' perceived value and appeal.

With these soap packaging ideas, you can transform your handmade products into beautifully wrapped gifts or attractive items for sale, adding a personal touch to each piece.

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