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Top Summer Additives
Author: Wholesale Supplies Plus
Monday, July 11, 2022

Natural additives are the powerhouse behind a lot of health and beauty products like soap, lotions, and deodorants. Most bases are made out of the same ingredients, but using additives completely changes the look, feel, and medicinal properties of your recipe. The popularity of different additives constantly changes, so it's important to stay tapped into what your customers want. Here are the top-trending herb and botanical additives for summer 2022.


Arnica is a flowering herb that's primarily used for healing skin in a number of capacities. You may also hear it referred to as arnica montana, wolf's bane, or mountain daisy. Arnica has a number of healing properties that can be used in a variety of products. Some of the top benefits include:
  • Topical pain relief
  • Faster healing for wounds and bruises
  • Dandruff treatment
  • Reduced skin swelling
  • Soothing for insect bites
Dried arnica flowers can be used in recipes like a muscle-soothing bath salt or body oil. Instead of adding the flowers directly to your product, you'll instead want to infuse them in a carrier oil, then use the oil infusion as your arnica-based additive.

Rosemary is a culinary favorite, but is also flourishing as a beneficial beauty ingredient that reduces skin inflammation and boosts circulation. It's great for facial products since it prevents acne, tightens the skin, and can even smooth out fine lines. 

In addition to adding a lovely summer soap scent, rosemary is also a natural deodorizer. Plus, rosemary naturally has antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it an ideal ingredient for this product line.
There are a number of different ways to use rosemary in your health and beauty products:No matter what type of application you need, there are a diverse number of ways you can include rosemary as a summer additive.

Desert Botanicals

Using desert botanicals as an ingredient for skincare products has generated a lot of buzz recently. From cleansers to night creams, try incorporating some of these additives into your infusions for a daily routine that keeps your customers' skin healthy and radiant. 

Aloe is a desert plant that is cultivated in hot, dry climates like Texas, New Mexico, California, and Arizona. The interior of aloe leaves contain over 75 active compounds that all skin types love — think vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and more. 

It's soothing for sunburn and other wounds and also hydrates and firms up skin. Clearly it's a power-packed plant that holds a lot of potential for a variety of uses. Depending on your product line, you can add aloe in the following forms:When you're thinking of summer additives for your beauty products, aloe is a must-have to restore skin and hair after your customers have been out in the harsh sun. 

A native shrub of the Southwest region, the seeds of the jojoba plant are used to create oil and wax that can both be used in skincare products. Packed with vitamin E, jojoba oil is frequently used as a base oil for soaps and other products because it gets to work by unclogging follicles, reducing scars, and detoxifying your skin. 

Jojoba oil can be used in products such as makeup primers, face cleansers, lip products, cuticle and facial oils, and much more. The wax version of jojoba is a great base for items like moisturizers and beard balm.
Here are a few jojoba formulations to experiment with:Incorporating jojoba additives into your summer skincare and haircare products is another way to offer your customers those rejuvenating ingredients they're looking for

Explore More Summer Soap Additives

One of the best parts of making and selling soaps, lotions, and other beauty products is the opportunity to get creative and offer your customers something new. Try out some of these trending summer cosmetic ideas, or discover something entirely new in our robust selection of high quality additives.

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