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Containers Metal Containers No Rust Aluminum Tins - (You Are Here - C3396)

No Rust Aluminum Tins

Threaded Metal Tins (also known as Balm Tins) have screw top lids which provide an upscale look. The lid stays secure which makes it ideal for backpacks and purses. Use metal tins to package your handmade cosmetics including lip balm, lotion bars, cuticle cream, or mustache wax.

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01 oz Silver Aluminum Jar w/ Threaded Lid (Set)
This aluminum jar with lid is great for solid perfume, little lotion bars and sample size cosmetics. Anti-rust and no fuss! EPE Liner included in lid.

Dimensions: 1.75" wide x 1" tall
Products containing water will not cause this product to rust.

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