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Soap Making Supplies Bath Basket Accessories - (You Are Here - G1159)


Here find a variety of Bath Basket Accessories to tie together your gift baskets of soap and bath product. All of your bath accessory needs can be found here, including luffas, soap dishes and more!

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Crafters Choice™ 7/8 inch Luffa
This size Luffa is cut in 7/8 inch slices and is ready to be embedded into soap! Use this natural exfoliant to create your own pedicure soaps or exfoliating bars! Cosmetic Loofah is perfect for pampering pedicure bars of soap.

Note: Color and exact size may vary depending on crop and farm.

Crafters Choice™ Bubble Maker Nylon Bag
Get the most out of your bar of soap with our Bubble Maker Nylon Bag. Add your small soap pieces to this nylon bag to create a rich lather to exfoliate your skin. This allows you to use every last bit of your soap!

Measurements: 3.5" x 5.25"

Crafters Choice™ Luffa Pad - Round, White
Round Luffa Pad measures 3.625" in diameter

Crafters Choice™ Premium Nylon Puff - Medium, Blue
This Blue Nylon Puff is medium in size and is perfect to add to handmade gift sets. This light blue poof can be paired with soaps, bubble bath and more! Blue bath puff has white handle to hang up after use.

Crafters Choice™ Premium Nylon Puff - Medium, Green
The Medium Green Nylon Puff is the perfect way to suds up soap and body wash! This great green color is perfect to pair with spring bath products as a gift set. Bath puff complete with handle to hang up after use.

Crafters Choice™ Premium Nylon Puff - Medium, Pink
This medium sized nylon puff is the perfect bright pink for girly girls, Valentine's Day gift sets and much more! Pair this pink bath puff with any shower set for an extra special gift that will show off your soap's lather. White string handle allows for puff to be hung up after use.

Crafters Choice™ Premium Nylon Puff - Medium, Purple
Our Premium Nylon Puff is purple in color, medium sized and made from super soft nylon. Use this purple bath puff to lather up your handmade soaps and washes. This puff with white string handle makes a perfect addition to handmade bath sets!

Crafters Choice™ Premium Nylon Puff - Small, White
This small, white nylon puff is made from soft nylon that makes bathing with handmade soaps and washes even more enjoyable! Pair this nice white bath puff with your favorite bar of soap for the perfect gift set. White string handle.

Crafters Choice™ Shave Brush - Black, Standard
Our standard black shaving brush is the perfect addition to your men's care product line. Made of boar bristle and a black plastic handle that stands on its own.

Dimensions: 3.75" x 1.25"

Crafters Choice™ Shave Brush - Ivory, Comfort Grip
This shaving brush is made from boar bristle and ivory colored plastic. The plastic handle has four finger indentations that allow for a comfortable grip when using. Create shave soap gift sets with this brush!

Dimensions: 3.75" x 1.25"

Silver Bowl - Medium Size
The Silver Bowl - Medium Size is the perfect bowl to use as a shaving soap dish! Pair this stainless steel bowl with a shaving soap and a shaving brush for the ultimate shaving gift set!

Bowl Measurement: 4.75" opening, 2.375" tall

Crafters Choice™ Sisal Luffa Pad - Oval, Natural
Oval Luffa Pad measures 5.625" x 4.125"

Crafters Choice™ Soap Dish - Ladder Style (Medium, Rectangle)
Pair this ladder style wooden soap dish with a bar of soap for the perfect set! The open design allows excess water to drain from your soap extending the life. Dimensions: 4.5" x 3.5"

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