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Lip Bases

Crafter’s Choice Lip Bases are all natural and paraben free. They readily accept flavor oils and color, and can be packed in pots, jars, or tubes. This is a simple product for those just getting into lip balm making before taking steps to make lip balm from scratch. Try out Versagel Lip Vase and make your own lip gloss!

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Crafter's Choice™ Lip Balm Base for Pots
Looking for a fast and easy way to make your own lip balm? Use our Lip Balm Base for Pots! It is a soft, silky base that readily accepts flavor fragrance and color.

Crafter's Choice™ Lip Balm Base for Sticks
Our ready-made Lip Balm Base for tubes and sticks deal for lip products and lotion bars. Smooth base with conditioning feel. Readily accepts flavor fragrance, fragrance oil and color.

Versagel Lip Gloss Base
Versagel is a clear, odorless base that is most commonly used for handmade lip gloss. This base is gluten-free, and has a thick, sticky formulation that looks and applies similar to popular retail lip gloss. Versagel can be used as-is on the lips, or enhanced with color and flavor. Versagel can also be used in hair gel, lotion and other body cosmetics.

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