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Dispensing Tools

Wholesale Dispensing Tools that make dispensing your soap and cosmetic ingredients easy and efficient. One of our favorites is the Soap Making Squeeze Bottle that makes creating designs in soaps easy!

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Crafter's Choice™ Mix & Pour Funnel Pitcher
Our Mix & Pour Funnel Pitcher is a great pitcher for pouring lotions and swirling soap bases. Mix your base directly into the pitcher and pour a controlled stream into the container of your choice! Holds up to 30oz. This pitcher is a necessity to your soap making supplies.

Powder Spray Set - 35 ml (Standard)
One set includes one bottle and one powder spray top. Mica not included. Fill this bottle with dry powders, glitter and mica to spray onto soap or bath fizzies. Powder disperses in a mist. Perfect for pencil lines in soap. Not recommended for use with pigments and oxides.

Plastic Syringe - 2 oz
Fill your small tubes with ease by using this plastic syringe. The syringe holds up to 2 oz (60ml) of product and is made of polypropylene plastic making it easy to reuse.

Helpful Product Information:
Max Temperature: 240°F

Powder Spray Set - 14 ml (Fine Mist)
One set includes one bottle and one powder spray top. Mica not included. Fill this bottle with dry powders, glitter and mica to spray onto soap or bath fizzies. Powder disperses in a fine mist. Not recommended for use with pigments and oxides.

Rotary Drum Pump
The Rotary Drum Pump can be used to pump oils, lotions and shower gels from 50-55 gallon drums! Pump stays attached to drum so that you can pump product as needed. As long as cross contamination does not occur and safe practices are used, pump can be reused. This tool is vital for big batch cosmetic makers.

Rustic Escentuals: Funnel Pitcher - Medium
Our Funnel Pitchers are easy to use for mixing and pouring liquids with precision. The medium pitcher features a no-drip pouring spout and holds approximately 2 cups/16 ounces. Funnel pitchers are manufactured from polypropylene, are free of BPA, are dishwasher safe, and are translucent for easy-to-view measuring. Both the medium and large Funnel Pitchers feature graduated measurements of cups, ounces and milliliters. Because of their ease of use, they're ideal to use for filling cavity soap molds, tart molds, embed molds, lotion bars, lip balm tins, and lip tubes. Quick, easy, and precise measuring and pouring for soap, wax and bases! **Not recommended for use in microwave. Customers interested in Funnel Pitchers were also interested in wholesale candle making supplies, wholesale soap supplies, and lip balm jars.

Soap Making Squeeze Bottle
This easy to squeeze, wide-mouth bottle is perfect for adding details in cold process soap making. Ideal tool for creating swirls, straight lines and intricate designs. If you are a Cold Process Soap maker looking to make easy, creative designs, you need this soap making squeeze bottle! 1 set = 2 bottles & 2 tops.

Pail Opener with Hammer - Premium
Our pail opener is ideal for opening 3.5 and 5 gallon buckets. Constructed of aluminum. Can be used to open any of our 5 gallon lotion bases and shampoo bases.

Decorator Pro - Stainless Steel
Our Stainless Steel Decorator Pro is the perfect tool for piping soap frosting or filling small containers, such as 1/2 & 1 oz mailbu tubes, with lotion or other beauty products! The tube holds 8 oz and makes decorating soap, soap cupcakes, bath fizzies and bubble cakes easy!

Wilton™ Decorating Tip Set
This Decorating Tip set includes 8 different stainless steel tips that allow you to pipe different decorations with soap frosting and whipped soap. Also included in set is a purple dishwasher tray that allows all 8 tips to be secured for easy cleaning and storage.

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