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Containers Bottles - Plastic Roll On & Perfume Bottles - (You Are Here - C2257)

Roll On & Perfume Bottles

Roll On Bottles are small cylindrical bottles with usually a metal or plastic ball on top. This packaging is commonly used for lip-gloss, perfume, diluted essential oils in carrier oil, or eye serum.

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0.16 oz (5 ml) Frosted Plastic Roll On Bottle with Natural Top
This 0.16 oz (5 ml) frosted roll on bottles are a great addition to any product line!

Bottle Height: 2 7/8".
Best Shrink Wrap Band: 28x70.

0.13 oz Natural Plastic Roll On Bottle Natl Top
This 0.13 oz (4 ml) plastic roll on bottle is great for sample products!

Bottle Height: 2.5".
Best Shrink Wrap Band: 28x63.

0.6 oz White Round Bottle, Metal Roller Ball & Cap
Use this 0.6 oz (18 ml) white, plastic roller bottle for any liquid based formulation including eye serum and perfume.

0.5 oz White Tubular Bottle, Metal Roller & Cap
Our 0.5 oz (15 ml) Tubular Roll On Bottle is great for homemade perfumes and any other liquid based cosmetic formulation.

Helpful Product Information:
Material: Plastic

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