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Embellish soaps and cosmetics with special labels and specialty paper. Print a customized design onto embed paper then embed it into melt and pour soap for a personalized soap bar. Customers and friends will love it! Specialty labels let customers know the product is handcrafted, and entices them to buy.

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Crafter's Choice™ Embed Paper for Soap (Water Soluble Paper)
Sheet Size: 8.5" x 11". Great for printing special designs and messages for embedding into bars of melt & pour soap. Paper remains intact until soap is used to point of embed. At that time, paper dissolves in water. Can be used with laser or inkjet printers.

Foil Wrappers - Gold
Gold Foil Wrappers can be used to wrap a variety of handmade bath products for a special, professional look. The shiny gold color is perfect for special occasions, holidays and premium product lines. Each Wrapper Measures: 4" x 4"

Foil Wrappers - Red
Use these red foil wrappers to decorate bottles of bubble bath, bath bombs, small soaps and more. These beautiful red wraps are perfect for holidays like Valentine's Day, Christmas and the 4th of July! Each wrap measures 4" x 4".

Foil Wrappers - Silver
Silver Foil Wrappers can be used to decoratively wrap the tops bottled product to resemble the look of a wine or champagne bottle! These shiny wraps can also be used to wrap other products such bath bombs and small soaps. Silver wrappers are 4" x 4".

Crafter's Choice™ Handcrafted Seal/Label - Gold Embossed
Stick these gold handcrafted seals to your finished cosmetic products for an extra touch. Also adds a more professional look!
Measures: 1.5" Diameter.

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