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Soap Making Supplies Safety Equipment - (You Are Here - G1102)


Wholesale Supplies Plus offers safety equipment that protects the eyes, lungs, and hair as well as gloves that protect the hands. We recommend using this equipment when making soap to protect your eyes, lungs, hair and hands from irritation from the use of handmade soap making ingredients. Along with gloves, we have a variety of glasses, masks, hairnets and eyewash.

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Gloves Nitrile (Extra Large)
Nitrile Gloves are allergy and latex free. Protect against chemicals and abrasives when hand making cosmetics. Puncture resistant. FDA compliant.

Gloves Nitrile (Extra Large) - Long Cuff
Wear Long Cuff Nitrile Gloves to protect a larger area arm when working with irritating or dangerous chemicals. Gloves are flexible, easy to work with and latex free. Textured fingers for easy grip. Size Extra Large.

Gloves Nitrile (Large)
Wear Nitrile gloves to protect against chemicals and abrasives. Puncture resistant. Size Large Gloves. These gloves are latex and allergy free. FDA compliant.

Gloves Nitrile (Large) - Long Cuff
Protect and extended are of the arm with these Long Cuff Nitrile Gloves. These long cuff gloves are latex free and perfect for those working with irritating chemicals and cold process soap makers. Flexible glove with textured fingertip. Large Size.

Gloves Nitrile (Medium)
Medium sized Nitrile gloves are latex free. Wear when making soap, lotion and other cosmetics to protect against chemicals and abrasives. Puncture resistant. FDA compliant.

Gloves Nitrile (Medium) - Long Cuff
Nitrile Gloves with long cuff to protect an extended area of the arm from any unwanted substances. These gloves are latex free, easy to work in and especially great for cold process soap makers. Featuring textured fingers for a sturdy grip. Medium Size.

Gloves Nitrile (Small)
Nitrile Gloves are great for those allergic to latex or with extremely sensitive skin. Protect against chemicals and abrasives when hand making cosmetics. Size Small. Puncture resistant. FDA compliant.

Gloves Nitrile (Small) - Long Cuff
These Nitrile Gloves are latex free and have an extended cuff to protect the wrist and part of the arm. These gloves are ideal for cold process soap makers as it protects an extended area from chemicals. Size Small.

Gloves Vinyl (Extra Large) - Low Powder
These Vinyl Gloves are single-use gloves meant to be worn when making soap or cosmetics. Dusted with Absorbable Corn-Starch Powder. Extra Large Size.

Gloves Vinyl (Large) - Low Powder
Large Size Vinyl Single-use gloves for soapers and cosmetic makers. Dusted with Absorbable Corn-Starch Powder.

Gloves Vinyl (Medium) - Low Powder
Single-use gloves made of vinyl. Dusted with Absorbable Corn-Starch Powder. Medium Size. Great for at-home crafters!

Gloves Vinyl (Small) - Low Powder
Wear these single-use vinyl gloves whenever dealing with irritating ingredients when soap making. Size Small. Made with Absorbable Cornstarch Powder.

Crafters Choice™ Goggles
These Crafter's Choice branded soap safety goggles are the perfect pair to protect your eyes when making soap. Goggles are lined with protective polycarbonate foam around the frames for a perfect fit to the face, which prevents any splashes from coming in contact with the eyes.

Hairnets - 21 inch Disposable
Hairnets are ideal for hair control and following good manufacturing practices when making soap and other products to sell.

Mask - Basic Procedures
Our Basic Procedures Mask covers the mouth and nose to prevent from directly inhaling chemicals. This mask is especially important to have when mixing lye for handmade soap.

Mask with Exhalation Valve
This Mask with an Exhalation Valve protects lungs from larger airborne particles. Allows for easier breathing when making product with dangerous airborne chemicals.

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