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Emulsifiers & Thickeners

Emulsifiers are ingredients that hold other ingredients together, preventing separation. They are helpful for formulations that contain oil and water, which have a natural tendency to separate such as lotion. Thickeners are useful in liquid cosmetics such as shower gel and bubble bath. Use them to off set the thinning which many occur from adding fragrance oils or essential oils as well.

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Crafter's Choice™ Emulsifying Wax - Soft & Silky
Soft & Silky Emulsifying Wax is used to binds oils and water together in recipes for lotions, creams, scrubs and hair conditioner. Our Soft & Silky formula adds a powdery, soft, silky feel and a very light, whipped appearance to your handmade lotion recipes. This also works great in spray leave in conditioners!

Crafter's Choice™ Smooth & Creamy Lotion Bar Additive
Crafter's Choice Smooth & Creamy Lotion Bar Additive is a beeswax derivative that has gained tremendous popularity in lotion bar and lip balm formulas. It prevents the grainy texture shea butter typically exhibits when cooled. When added at 5%, shea butter lotion bars are smooth and creamy. Can also be used in solid perfume, soap and soap frosting.

Crafter's Choice™ BTMS - 25
BTMS - 25 is an emulsified wax that produces a thick and creamy emulsion that feels light and hydrating. This ingredient is perfect for hair products, especially leave-in conditioners, and many other products. BTMS- 25 is also great for light skin creams!

Crafter's Choice™ Emulsifying Wax - Traditional
Emulsifying wax is used to binds oils and water together in recipes for lotions, creams, scrubs and hair conditioner Provides a powdery, soft, silky feel to lotion formulas. Lotions tend to have a heavy, cream-like appearance with this emulsifying wax.

Olivem 1000
Olivem® 1000 is an olive-based emulsifier that adds a deeply moisturizing effect to skin and hair care products. Use in lotions, face masks, hair masks, conditioners, and more!

Crafter's Choice™ Stearic Acid
Triple pressed palm Stearic Acid that is cosmetic grade. Stearic Acid is commonly used to emulsify lotions made from scratch. This can also be used in candle manufacturing to raise the melt point and improve the hardness of candle wax.

Crafter's Choice™ Polysorbate 80
Polysorbate 80 is a solubilizer, emulsifier, wetting agent, viscosity modifier, dispersing agent, and stabilizer. Use in bath fizzies, milk bath, bath melts, furniture polish and more.

Crafter's Choice™ Cetyl Alcohol Flakes
Cetyl Alcohol is a saturated linear chain cetyl alcohol that can enhance the stability and texture of creams and lotions. In doing so, they present a smooth, dense appearance to these formulations and improve their feel on the skin. It is a mild, non-toxic and non-irritating waxy material with a typical sweet odor. It is light resistant and stable in the presence of acids or alkali, as well as stable to oxidation.

Crafter's Choice™ Beeswax - Yellow Pastilles
This pastille beeswax comes in the form of yellow beads, as it has been filtered and cleaned. Filtering makes it free from insect body parts and stingers. Note: This wax has a smoky scent from smoking the bees out of their hives to harvest the wax. Commonly used in wax tarts, lotion bars, lip balms and CP Soap.

Crafter's Choice™ Sodium AOS-40 C14-16 Liquid Surfactant
Sodium C-14 C-16 Alpha Olefin Sulfonate (Also known as AOS 40) Liquid Surfactant
Our Sodium AOS-40 is an is an excellent surfactant for a variety of personal care applications. This versatile product is often used as a base for shampoos and bath products, and even diswashing detergents. It is an effective cleansing agent with good foaming properties.

Crafter's Choice™ BTMS - 50
BTMS-50 adds a silky feel to lotions and hair care products. Product with BTMS-50 incorporated tend to have a light, whipped appearance.

Crafter's Choice™ Polysorbate 20
Poly Sorbate 20 allows fragrance and essential oils to bind with water based products. Depending on your formula, your end product may be cloudy. Can be used in body wash, shampoo, hair spritz, room spray and more!

Crafter's Choice™ Hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC)
Hydroxyethylcellulose Hydroxyethylcellulose is a highly efficient thickening agent and suspending agent. It is easily dispersed with minimal to no lumping. Hydroxyethylcellulose can also used for adjustments in consistency and stabilization.
Often used for thickening liquid soap.

Crafter's Choice™ Candelilla Wax
Our Candelilla Wax is 100% pure and cosmetic grade. It is a very hard wax with superior quality. Mixes well into most formulas containing animal, vegetable and mineral oils. Non-animal based wax. Great for lip balm, cuticle cream, lotions bars and wax tarts. It is quick absorbing and also very emollient, making it great to soothe chapped lips.

Crafter's Choice™ PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil
Our PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil is a multifunctional ingredient that serves as a surfactant, solubilizer, emulsifier, emollient, cleansing agent, and fragrance enhancer when incorporated into formulations for cosmetics or personal care products.

Crafter's Choice™ Natrasorb Bath
Natrasorb Bath is a specially modified tapioca starch made to absorb many times its weight in oils and water. It was formulated specifically for cosmetics and personal care. This starch was made with unique "pockets" that carry the oils essentially in a solid, powdered form.

Crafter's Choice™ Polyquaternium 10
Polyquaternium 10 is an excellent conditioner and thickener. Use it in your hair care products to improve the appearance and feel of hair and increase curl retention! Also great for skin care products.

Crafter's Choice™ Ritamulse SCG Emuslifying Wax
Ritamulse SCG is a plant-based, vegan emulsifying wax containing acyl lactylates for excellent moisturization in skincare products. Flashpoint: 199°

Crafter's Choice™ Beeswax - Ivory
This Beeswax is Ivory in color and is a larger pastille size than our White and Yellow Beeswax. It is naturally refined and remains ivory colored in products. This cost effective beeswax is great for lotion bars, wax tarts and lip balms!

Crafter's Choice™ Beeswax - Ultra Refined & Bleached
Our beeswax is considered to be the best in the market and the same used by many large cosmetic companies. The ultra refined beeswax produces a superior white color with very low odor, perfect for consistent results. Use in lotion bars, lip balms, wax melts, solid deodorant and cuticle cream.

Crafter's Choice™ Bubble Wash Thickener
Bubble Wash Thickener is carefully designed to thicken liquid bubble bases including bubble bath, shower gel, and shampoo! It is extremely helpful in bases that have thinned due to the addition of fragrance oil. It is safe to use in adult and baby cosmetic products.

Crafter's Choice™ Cream of Tartar
Cream of Tartar is a higher-grade of Potassium Bitartrate designed for cosmetic use. Cream of tartar can be used to harden your bubble cakes, bubble scoops and bath fizzies!

Crafter's Choice™ Cetearyl Alcohol
Cetearyl Alcohol 30/70 (Cetostearyl Alcohol NF) is an all-purpose, vegetable sourced (from sustainable coconut and palm oils,) stabilizer, thickening agent, and emulsifier, used for making lotions, body butters, hair care products and more.

Crafter's Choice™ Glyceryl Stearate Self Emulsifying Blend
Our Glyceryl Stearate Self-Emulsifying Blend is an easy-to-use emulsifier used to make stable, light, "fluffy" lotions, creams, and body butters. Try it in your recipe to give it a smoother, softer feel!

Crafter's Choice™ Xanthan Gum
Xanthan Gum is specifically designed for the cosmetic (not food) industry to be used as a thickening agent. Cosmetic xanthan gum can be used in liquid soaps, hair shampoo, shower jellies, soaps and lotions. It is the same product that major retailers use to naturally thicken products!

Crafter's Choice™ Emulsifying Wax - Conditioning
Our Conditioning Emulsifying Wax adds a silky feel to lotion and hair care products. Lotions that use this wax tend to have a very light, whipped appearance. This product can also be used in leave in hair conditioners for all hair types because it is known to tame and detangle. Light odor that fades in product.

Crafter's Choice™ Emulsifying Wax - Conditioning Plus
Our Conditioning Plus Emulsifying Wax is ideal for creating Hair Conditioners and Lotions with a creamy and thick consistency. When used in hair products, the extra conditioning properties will leave the hair detangled and soft. This wax is refined, deodorized and comes in the form of white pastilles. Light odor that fades in product.

Cera Bellina Wax
Cera Bellina Wax is a beeswax derivative that adds a silky, gel-like feel to finished product. This wax can also be used to emulsify water and oil-soluble ingredients and is perfect for handmade soap, lotion and lip balm! Cera Bellina is known for its amazing after-feel on the skin, making it extremely popular in lotions and creams!

Crafter's Choice™ Bubble Cake Hardener
Our Bubble Cake Hardener is contains a higher-grade of Potassium Bitartrate, also known as Cream of Tartar, which is specifically designed for cosmetic use. Bubble cake hardener is a great ingredient to add to bubble cakes/bubble bars and bath bombs to uniformly harden the formulation.

Crafter's Choice™ Gluconolactone (and) Sodium Benzoate Blend
Crafter's ChoiceTMGluconolactone (and) Sodium Benzoate Blend, offers formulators of personal care products broad spectrum protection in a variety of cosmetic and personal care formulations. The blend of Gluconodeltalactone and Sodium Benzoate is an effective alternative to the typical preservative sThe ingredients are accepted by ECOCERT as a preservative many products, even certified organic cosmetics. The main ingredient, Gluconolactone, is a naturally occurring, gluten-free fermented food starch often used in the cosmetic industry as a moisturizer and chelating agent. Sodium benzoate is a preservative with the added benefit of inhibiting fungus growth under acidic conditions (pH should be 6 or below).

Crafter's Choice™ Sepimax Zen
Sepimax Zen is a specialized polymer that is pre-neutralized in order to be used to more easily in creating transparent gels.
It can be used on its own or as as a thickener and stabilizer in emulsions and surfactants.
It works synergistically with fatty alcohols to increase viscosity in emulsions. When used to produce a transparent aqueous gel, it produces products with an elegant skin feel and velvety touch.

Crafter's Choice™ Stearyl Alcohol
Stearyl alcohol is a very effective stabilizer, thickening agent, and emulsifier, for making lotions, creams, shower gel, hair care products, lip balm and more. Stearyl Alcohol is a vegetable-based, refined fatty alcohol from from sustainable coconut oils. Compared to other fatty alcohols, like cetyl alcohol, in many formulations, stearyl alcohol will result in a product with a slightly softer, conditioned feel and a whiter appearance. Flashpoint: 383°

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