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Foaming Agents & Surfactants

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Crafter's Choice™ Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate Noodles - SCI
Sodium cocoyl isethionate is a gentle surfactant based fatty acid derived from coconut oil. It acts as a foaming and cleansing agent. Commonly used in made from scratch shampoos, shower gels and more! Sulfate-free and biodegradable.

Crafter's Choice™ Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate Powder
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI) Powder is the sodium salt ester of coconut fatty acid. It is a very gentle surfactant that is also known as BabyFoam. Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate Powder is non-drying, creates luxurious foam and leaves a silky feeling on the skin.

Crafter's Choice™ Cocamidopropyl Betaine
Cocamidopropyl Betaine is a mild surfactant that comes from coconut oil, and is commonly used as a secondary foaming agent in liquid washes. It can be used to foam boost body washes and bubble bath.

Crafter's Choice™ Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate Coarse SLSa
Puts foam in bath formulations. Works well in soft and hard water. This is an airborne product. You will need a mask and a contained space when making your finished product. Also called SLSa.

Crafter's Choice™ Decyl Glucoside
Decyl Glucoside is a fatty polyglycoside prepared by reacting cornstarch glucose with natural fatty alcohol. Sugar-derived surfactants like the Decyl Glucoside exhibit mildness traits of nonionics, with the foam of an anionic. It is this unique characteristic that enables it to be utilized as both the primary & co-surfactant in formulations. Use Decyl Glucoside in soaps , shampoos, body washes, and more. A versatile nonionic surfactant that is very mild and gentle, but tough enough for more serious surface cleaning too!

Crafter's Choice™ Coco Glucoside
Coco Glucoside is a mild, non ionic alkyl polyglucoside (APG) surfactant made up of C8-C16 fatty alcohol glucoside made from renewable ram materials such as coconut and fruit sugars. It is an excellent choice if you are looking for something with no sulfates, parabens or diethanolamides. Our Coco Glucoside is completely biodegradable.

Crafter's Choice™ Sodium Coco Sulfate Noodles - SCS
Sodium Coco Sulfate is a non-irritating, gentle surfactant that is derived from natural coconut oil giving it natural conditioning properties. Our Sodium Coco Sulfate comes in easy to disperse into water noodle-form. Great for shampoo bars, body wash, liquid shampoo, shaving cream and more!

Crafter's Choice™ Sodium Coco Sulfate Powder - SCS
Sodium Coco Sulfate is a non-irritating, gentle surfactant that is derived from natural coconut oil giving it natural conditioning properties. Our Sodium Coco Sulfate comes in easy to disperse into water powder-form. Great for shampoo bars, body wash, liquid shampoo, shaving cream and more!

Crafter's Choice™ Bubble Up
Bubble Up or Cocamidopropyl betaine is a mild surfactant that comes from coconut oil, and is commonly used as a secondary foaming agent in liquid washes. We love it because it produces gorgeous "Hollywood" style bubbles in our bubble cake recipes. It can be used to foam boost body washes and bubble bath.

Crafter's Choice™ Sodium AOS-40 C14-16 Liquid Surfactant
Sodium C-14 C-16 Alpha Olefin Sulfonate (Also known as AOS 40) Liquid Surfactant
Our Sodium AOS-40 is an is an excellent surfactant for a variety of personal care applications. This versatile product is often used as a base for shampoos and bath products, and even diswashing detergents. It is an effective cleansing agent with good foaming properties.

Crafter's Choice™ Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES)
Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) Liquid Surfactant is an excellent all around surfactant that is used to develop top-performing cleaning and washing formulas. SLES, also known as sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl ether sulfat, provides improved mildness over sodium lauryl sulfate without sacrificing performance attributes, such as cleaning, foaming and viscosity response.
The lower irritation, milder properties of SLES liquid allow it to be used for cleansing products in which you want good cleansing without the harshness level of SLS. SLES  can easily be formulated into bath and body products like shampoos or hand soaps.

Crafter's Choice™ Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate
Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, an easy to use surfactant, is great in many personal care applications, including bubble baths, shampoos, & body cleansers.
It makes a moderate lather, cleans without defatting the skin, giving a rich, conditioning effect. Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate is stable over a wide pH range which makes it ideal for many personal care and household applications.

Crafter's Choice™ Caprylyl Capryl Glucoside
Caprylyl Capryl Glucoside Caprylyl Capryl Glucoside is a highly versatile all natural vegetable sourced and derived surfactant for use in a variety of personal care products. Whether you are making sulfate-free shampoos, body washes, facial cleansers, liquid hand soaps, or natural cleaning products, you'll love this stable high foaming surfactant. Many formulators consider the Caprylyl Capryl Glucoside a great choice for delicate skin formulations since it is so gentle- and yet very effective.

Crafter's Choice™ Ultra Mild Concentrate
Ultra Mild is a new concentrated surfactant blend formulated especially for use in cleanser applications where an ultra-mild formulation is desired, and the formulator is looking for a base that is derived from renewable resources, all plant derived. Plus, it is FREE of sulfates, 1,4 dioxane, parabens, and formaldehyde. Ultra Mild is made from a blend of surfactants optimized for ease of use and cold processing all kinds of mild cleanser formulas. Ultra Mild is tear-free and provides a dense, luxurious lather while leaving behind a soft after-feel on skin and hair. Ultra Mild can be used to make clear products, and the viscosity can be adjusted with pH and/or electrolyte adjustments.

Crafter's Choice™ Plantapon® LGC Sorb
Plantapon® LGC Sorb Sodium Lauryl Glucose Carboxylate (and) Lauryl Glucoside Surfactant "Green" Blend -- also known As LGC Sorb Blend Natural Surfactant-- is a high-quality anionic surfactant.
Plantapon LGC Sorb combines mildness with excellent foaming and sensory properties, making it especially suitable for a variety of cleansers, shampoos, and sulfate-free detergent. Easy to use and biodegradable. Makes a great base for blending, and a beneficial component of natural shampoos.

Crafter's Choice™ BIO-TERGE® AS 90 Surfactant
BIO-TERGE® AS 90 foaming surfactant Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, also known by the trade name BIO-TERGE® AS 90, is a top- performing surfactant used in a variety of products. It has excellent wetting, foaming, properties in alkaline, acid, or neutral product and in the presence of metallic salts commonly found in hard waters. It is sulfate free and biodegradable. BIO-TERGE® AS-90 can be used in many personal care products, such as facial cleansers, body washes, bar soaps, even laundry and dish detergents.

Crafter's Choice™ Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate
Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate is a high-performing, sulfate-free surfactant that is easy to use, very mild, and highly water-soluble. Can be used in shampoos, bubble baths, soaps, creams, and lotions.

Crafter's Choice™ Glyceryl Caprylate/Caprate
Glyceryl Caprylate/Caprate 100% vegetable derived thickener and surfactant enhancer. Used in a wide variety of formulations such as soaps, shampoos, body washes, and scrubs. It's EcoCert Certified since it is derived from all natural sources. All vegetable oil and vegetable glycerin derived.

Crafter's Choice™ MontanovTM 68
MontanovTM 68 is a unique non-ionic emulsifier of natural origin. With MontanovTM 68 the maker can create high-quality lotions described by many as "lighter," and "more moisturizing".

Crafter's Choice™ Lauryl Glucoside
Lauryl Glucoside (Plantaren® 1200 UP)  is a biodegradable surfactant. Often used as a primary or a co-surfactant in soaps, shampoos, shower gels and bubble bath formulations where mildness is desired.
When used in conjunction with difficult-to-thicken surfactants, it enhances viscosity and increases foam volume in low-foaming formulations. Research applications before use.

Crafter's Choice™ Decyl Glucoside & Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate Blend
Decyl Glucoside Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate Blend is an exceptional natural surfactant blend that works well in Shampoos, Body Washes, Face Washes and Baby Care products. Mildness coupled with stable, dense foam (comparable to many sulfated blends) this blend is perfectly suited as the primary surfactant blend for formulating a wide range of products - using only renewable, plant based surfactants.

Crafter's Choice™ Lauramidopropyl Betaine
Lauramidopropyl Betaine is a mild surfactant. It is mild but us also a great foam booster in many liquid formulations such as soaps, shampoos, shower gels, and bubble baths. Detergency and foaming characteristics are generally unaffected by hard water. In skin and hair-care products, it can help lock in moisture by adding humectancy to formulations.Lauramidopropyl betaine is biodegradable, naturally derived from a renewable vegetable resource.

Crafter's Choice™ Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Powder
Highly Active, high quality SLS Powdered sodium lauryl sulfate. Useful in powdered or tablet or blended liquid hard surface, and carpet cleaners, powdered bubble baths, and cleansing preparations, scouring and foaming agents SLS is also commonly used in many in textile and industrial cleaners, powdered hand cleaners. Great to use in bath products, shampoos, foaming powders and more.

Crafter's Choice™ Lauramine Oxide
Lauramine Oxide is an excellent, versatile surfactant for cleaning, contributing good foam and solubilizing properties to cleansers, shampoos, bath and body products, and even detergents.
Lauramine Oxide is compatible with most with nonionic, anionic and cationic surfactants. Works well in neutral, acid, and alkaline formulations.

Crafter's Choice™ Triethanolamine 99%
Triethanolamine 99%, also known as TEA, is often used in make-up products such as blush and foundations, as well as in hair care products, shaving products, and skin cleansing products. It is often used in the manufacturing of other chemicals - like surfactants, and emulsifiers.

Crafter's Choice™ Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate
Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate, often known by the name "SLI," is a mild surfactant that is often used in shampoos, body washes, and facial cleansers, and is a favorite ingredient for those with sensitive skin. SLI has excellent foaming properties, providing dense, creamy lather to formulations. It is naturally derived from fatty acids derived from coconut.

Crafter's Choice™ Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Noodle
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Noodle or Needle (SLS Needle/ SLS Noodle)
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is an effective foaming and cleansing agent often used in bath products such as bubble bath, soaps and shampoos.
This surfactant in noodle form is great for creating rich lather and for trapping and removing dirt.

Crafter's Choice™ Pearlizing Body Wash & Shampoo Concentrate
Pearlizing Body Wash & Shampoo Concentrate is an easy to use, cold processable, sulfate-free liquid pearlizing concentrate for rinse-off products.
Great for making silky shampoos, liquid hand soaps, nourishing conditioners and moisturizing facial and body washes.
It delivers an intensive silky shine at low use concentration levels (0.5-3 %) – underlining product quality and performance. Its consistent appearance, ease of handling and formulating provides a versatile pearlizing agent to the formulator. Perfect for making pearl look cleansers, body wash, shampoo, 2 in 1 hair products, liquid soaps and more.

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