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Soap Making Supplies Embeds & Embellishments Ducks - (You Are Here - C3034)


Crafter’s Choice Ducks are small rubber ducks that are intended to be used as embellishments in bars of soap. We have different sets of ducks that are approximately 2x2 inches or smaller. These ducks can be embedded into soaps for almost every occasion.

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Crafters Choice™ Autism Awareness Duck Toys
Autism Awareness Ducks are white ducks with the autism awareness symbol - a puzzle piece heart. These adorable ducks are a great way to embellish soaps or and to packaging for a great cause!

Dimensions: Approximately 2" x 2"

Crafters Choice™ Baby Shower Boy and Girl Duck Toys
It’s a …girl? Boy? Either way, these ducks are a great way to reveal the gender at baby showers by embedding them in soaps! Or, use both the girl and boy if you choose to keep it a surprise. Baby Reveal Rubber Duck soaps are a great baby shower favor!

Dimensions: Approximately 2" x 2"

Crafters Choice™ Birthday Duck Toys
Decorate handmade soaps with Birthday Duck Toys and pass them out in treat bags at birthday parties! Each duck wears a colorful party hat and holds a fun party favor. Rubber Duck Soaps are great for kids of any age.

Dimensions: Approximately 2" x 2".

Butterfly Duck Toys
These butterfly duck toys are a great addition to your kids product line! Embed in soap for the perfect gift or add to a gift bag/party favor bag as a toy!

Dimension: Approximately 2" x 2"

Mini Baseball Duck Toys
Mini Baseball Ducks are tiny rubber ducks with a painted baseball chest! These ducks are great to embed and embellish soaps for your favorite baseball/softball team! Pair with a bubblegum or caramel corn fragrance oil for a nostalgic experience.

Dimensions: Approximately 1..5" x 1.5"

Mini Basketball Duck Toys
Our Mini Basketball Duck Toys are perfect for the basketball lover in your life! These mini ducks can be embedded in bath fizzies or on top of soap for kids who love the game! Each mini yellow duck has a basketball chest and tail.

Dimensions: Approximately 1.5" x 1.5"

Crafters Choice™ Mini Emoji Duck Toys
Cute mini rubber duck toys for those technologically-inclined kids! These mini emoji ducks are a great addition to soaps, bath fizzies and treat bags!

Dimensions: Approximately 1.5" x 1.5"

Mini Football Duck Toys
Touchdown! These Mini Football Duck Toys are sure to score at kids birthday parties or football team fundraisers! Each ducky has a football painted across its chest and tail. Place these ducks on top of green soaps scented with Our Fresh Cut Grass Fragrance Oil for the ultimate Friday night lights feel.

Dimensions: Approximately 1.5" x 1.5"

Mini Soccer Duck Toys
These Mini Soccer Duck Toys will score a goal with kids on soaps and bath fizzies! These tiny yellow ducks have a soccer ball painted across their chest and are perfect for birthday parties, kids crafts and more!

Dimensions: Approximately 1.5" x 1.5"

Yellow Duck Toys
These Yellow Duck Toys are great to embed into soaps, bath fizzies and other bath products! They add a unique, kid-friendly touch to your handmade creations! Rubber duck soaps are great for kids of any age!

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