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Browse through all the tools and equipment you may need for soapmaking! Spatulas, gloves, scales and whatever other pieces of equipment you may need can be found here.

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Bath Fizzy Mini Scooper (For Bath Bombs)
The Bath Fizzy Mini Scooper is a great way to form mini bath fizzies and soap balls! This metal tool makes creating bath fizzies quick and easy. Makes 1.375" ball.

Bath Fizzy Super Scooper (For Bath Bombs)
This metal Bath Fizzy Scooper is perfect for forming soap balls and round bath fizzies! Avoid a mess and save time when creating homemade bath fizzies with this tool.
Makes a 1.75" ball.

Crafters Choice™ Beaker - Natural Polypropylene
This Plastic Beaker is a necessity in your soap making equipment collection! Works well for mixing additives, colors and small batches of mp soap. Microwavable. Also ideal for melting small batches of lip base. Pouring spout makes it very easy to fill lip tubes. Holds 3 ounces. Graduated Markings in ml and oz.

Cuisinart Smart Stick - Stick Blender
This is our favorite stick blender for handmade cold process soap making. This tool prevents bubbles and allows you to safely mix soap to the trace you desire. The Cuisinart Smart Stick Stick Blender has a red base and a stainless steel shaft.

Wilton™ Decorating Bag - 12 inch, Reusable
Pipe endless soapy creations and fill limitless lotion bottles with this 12 inch Reusable Decorating Bag. Bag is white in color and made of strong, flexible polyester that does not get stiff.

Wilton™ Decorating Bags - 12 inch, Disposable (24 pack)
Disposable Decorating Bags make soap piping easy and eliminates messy clean up. great for decorating soap cupcakes, or filling bottles and tubes of lotion. 24 pack of 12 inch bags.

Wilton™ Decorating Coupler (1 Large)
Decorating Couplers are a great way to pipe soap frosting, lotion and cream without the mess! Use this large coupler for the larger frosting tips and make piping easy. Fits in 12 inch decorating bags.

Wilton™ Decorating Couplers (4 pack)
Decorating Couplers are a great way to pipe soap frosting, lotion and cream without the mess! Couplers come with rings and attach to different standard sized decorating tips and make piping easy. Pack of 4 reusable couplers.

Wilton™ Decorating Star Tip - 1M
This decorating tip is great to use for your soap frosting! Decorate you bath fizzies, soap cupcakes and more with this star decorating tip.

Wilton™ Decorating Star Tip - 4B
Decorate your soap cupcakes, bath fizzies and more with this decorating tip. Great for your soap frosting needs!

Wilton™ Decorating Tip Set
This Decorating Tip set includes 8 different stainless steel tips that allow you to pipe different decorations with soap frosting and whipped soap. Also included in set is a purple dishwasher tray that allows all 8 tips to be secured for easy cleaning and storage.

Decorator Pro - Stainless Steel
Our Stainless Steel Decorator Pro is the perfect tool for piping soap frosting or filling small containers, such as 1/2 & 1 oz mailbu tubes, with lotion or other beauty products! The tube holds 8 oz and makes decorating soap, soap cupcakes, bath fizzies and bubble cakes easy!

Double Melon Baller
Use this Double Melon Baller to quickly create ball shaped embeds of soap and more! With one scoop per side, create two 0.75" embeds for your soapy creations! Made from stainless steel, this tool has a comfortable handle with a groove for the thumb.

Crafters Choice™ Droppers - Plastic
These Plastic Droppers are perfect for measuring small amounts of liquid, especially fragrance, when making soaps, lotions, lip balms and more. These disposable droppers should only be used once thus reducing your chances of contaminating products. Holds 3 ml

Crafters Choice™ Fragrance Oil Blotter Sticks
Fragrance Oil Blotter Sticks are long professional grade blotter strips that are used to smell fragrance oils, essential oils, your own fragrance blends and perfumes. These are essential tools for soapmakers and cosmetic crafters!

Gloves Nitrile (Extra Large)
Nitrile Gloves are allergy and latex free. Protect against chemicals and abrasives when hand making cosmetics. Puncture resistant. FDA compliant.

Gloves Nitrile (Extra Large) - Long Cuff
Wear Long Cuff Nitrile Gloves to protect a larger area arm when working with irritating or dangerous chemicals. Gloves are flexible, easy to work with and latex free. Textured fingers for easy grip. Size Extra Large.

Gloves Nitrile (Large)
Wear Nitrile gloves to protect against chemicals and abrasives. Puncture resistant. Size Large Gloves. These gloves are latex and allergy free. FDA compliant.

Gloves Nitrile (Large) - Long Cuff
Protect and extended are of the arm with these Long Cuff Nitrile Gloves. These long cuff gloves are latex free and perfect for those working with irritating chemicals and cold process soap makers. Flexible glove with textured fingertip. Large Size.

Gloves Nitrile (Medium)
Medium sized Nitrile gloves are latex free. Wear when making soap, lotion and other cosmetics to protect against chemicals and abrasives. Puncture resistant. FDA compliant.

Gloves Nitrile (Medium) - Long Cuff
Nitrile Gloves with long cuff to protect an extended area of the arm from any unwanted substances. These gloves are latex free, easy to work in and especially great for cold process soap makers. Featuring textured fingers for a sturdy grip. Medium Size.

Gloves Nitrile (Small)
Nitrile Gloves are great for those allergic to latex or with extremely sensitive skin. Protect against chemicals and abrasives when hand making cosmetics. Size Small. Puncture resistant. FDA compliant.

Gloves Nitrile (Small) - Long Cuff
These Nitrile Gloves are latex free and have an extended cuff to protect the wrist and part of the arm. These gloves are ideal for cold process soap makers as it protects an extended area from chemicals. Size Small.

Gloves Vinyl (Extra Large) - Low Powder
These Vinyl Gloves are single-use gloves meant to be worn when making soap or cosmetics. Dusted with Absorbable Corn-Starch Powder. Extra Large Size.

Gloves Vinyl (Large) - Low Powder
Large Size Vinyl Single-use gloves for soapers and cosmetic makers. Dusted with Absorbable Corn-Starch Powder.

Gloves Vinyl (Medium) - Low Powder
Single-use gloves made of vinyl. Dusted with Absorbable Corn-Starch Powder. Medium Size. Great for at-home crafters!

Gloves Vinyl (Small) - Low Powder
Wear these single-use vinyl gloves whenever dealing with irritating ingredients when soap making. Size Small. Made with Absorbable Cornstarch Powder.

Crafters Choice™ Goggles
These Crafter's Choice branded soap safety goggles are the perfect pair to protect your eyes when making soap. Goggles are lined with protective polycarbonate foam around the frames for a perfect fit to the face, which prevents any splashes from coming in contact with the eyes.

Hairnets - 21 inch Disposable
Hairnets are ideal for hair control and following good manufacturing practices when making soap and other products to sell.

Mask - Basic Procedures
Our Basic Procedures Mask covers the mouth and nose to prevent from directly inhaling chemicals. This mask is especially important to have when mixing lye for handmade soap.

Mask with Exhalation Valve
This Mask with an Exhalation Valve protects lungs from larger airborne particles. Allows for easier breathing when making product with dangerous airborne chemicals.

Measuring Cup - 1 ounce, Natural HDPE (SURPLUS)
Great for measuring fragrance & other liquid additives.
Holds 1 ounce.

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