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Luffa & Loofahs

Crafter’s Choice Luffa, aka Loofa, is a natural exfoliant that comes from the inside of a dehydrated and cleaned out gourd. We offer Luffa in different sizes with the intent to be put in soaps to embellish the bar and exfoliate skin.

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Crafter's Choice™ 7/8 inch Luffa Slices
This size Luffa is cut in 7/8 inch slices and is ready to be embedded into soap! Use this natural exfoliant to create your own pedicure soaps or exfoliating bars! Cosmetic Loofah is perfect for pampering pedicure bars of soap.

Note: Color and exact size may vary depending on crop and farm.

Crafter's Choice™ Bubble Maker Nylon Bag
Get the most out of your bar of soap with our Bubble Maker Nylon Bag. Add your small soap pieces to this nylon bag to create a rich lather to exfoliate your skin. This allows you to use every last bit of your soap!

Measurements: 3.5" x 5.25"

Crafter's Choice™ Sisal Luffa Pad - Oval, Natural
Oval Luffa Pad measures 5.625" x 4.125"

Crafter's Choice™ Premium Nylon Puff - Small, White
This small, white nylon puff is made from soft nylon that makes bathing with handmade soaps and washes even more enjoyable! Pair this nice white bath puff with your favorite bar of soap for the perfect gift set. White string handle.

Elements Bath & Body: 7/8 inch Luffa Slices

7/8" All Natural Luffa (or Loofah) Sponge Slices will gently exfoliate and stimulate circulation for an all-over clean, invigorating feeling. Slough away dead skin cells by exfoliating and leave your skin feeling silky smooth and soft. A loofah is a cucurbit (from the gourd family), a fibrous plant seed pod.

Use with our clear suspension shower gel, liquid glycerin soap or scrub. Our Super Concentrate Base can be used to make a body wash or bubble bath & is a nice complement to a body scrubber.

Crafter's Choice™ Premium Nylon Puff - Medium, Blue
This Blue Nylon Puff is medium in size and is perfect to add to handmade gift sets. This light blue poof can be paired with soaps, bubble bath and more! Blue bath puff has white handle to hang up after use.

Rustic Escentuals: 7/8 inch Luffa Slices
The loofah, or luffa, is a wonderful, natural exfoliant. It begins as a gourd, and, once matured, is harvested, cleaned, and dehydrated. Our loofah slices are approximately 0.875" thick x 2.0"- 3.0" in circumference. Because Loofahs are a natural product, color and exact size will vary from gourd to gourd and crop to crop. Loofah slices are a great choice for embedding into a bar of melt and pour soap. Pre-cut loofah slices for soap making and utility sponges. Lather up and exfoliate at the same time! Loofah slices are also very convenient for the shower or to tuck into your toiletry bag on trips. Exfoliate, cleanse, revitalize, massage, relax! Customers who purchased Loofah Slices also purchased wholesale soap making supplies and bulk melt & pour soap bases.

Crafter's Choice™ Luffa Pad - Round, White
Round Luffa Pad measures 3.625" in diameter

Crafter's Choice™ Premium Nylon Puff - Medium, Pink
This medium sized nylon puff is the perfect bright pink for girly girls, Valentine's Day gift sets and much more! Pair this pink bath puff with any shower set for an extra special gift that will show off your soap's lather. White string handle allows for puff to be hung up after use.

Crafter's Choice™ Premium Nylon Puff - Medium, Purple
Our Premium Nylon Puff is purple in color, medium sized and made from super soft nylon. Use this purple bath puff to lather up your handmade soaps and washes. This puff with white string handle makes a perfect addition to handmade bath sets!

Crafter's Choice™ Premium Nylon Puff - Medium, Green
The Medium Green Nylon Puff is the perfect way to suds up soap and body wash! This great green color is perfect to pair with spring bath products as a gift set. Bath puff complete with handle to hang up after use.

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