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Soap Molds Plastic & Silicone Molds Shave & Moustache - (You Are Here - C3524)

Shave & Moustache

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Life Of The Party™ Mustache Small Round Mold (LOP 18)
The mustache trend is inescapable, and these Mustache Small Round Molds are a great way to embrace it! Great for grooms, Father's Day and mustache enthusiasts!

Helpful Product Information:
Style: Bar Avg. Bar Weight: 1.55 oz
Bar Cavities: 6 Max Temperature: 135°F
Mold Capacity (oz): 9.3

Milky Way™ Mustache Soap Mold Tray (MW 194)
Mustaches have made a huge comeback in recent years, and not just with hipsters and Magnum P.I. super-fans. The mustache is also the symbol for Movember, a movement to raise awareness of men’s hidden health issues. Create your own line of manly grooming soaps with this charming Tray Mustache Soap Mold, complete with eight cavities sporting a stylish handlebar ‘stache.

Helpful Product Information:
Material: Plastic Style: Tray
Avg. Bar Weight: 4.25 oz Bar Cavities: 1
Bar Depth: 1.25" Bar Length: 4"
Bar Width: 2" Max Temperature: 135ºF
Mold Capacity (oz): 34

Milky Way™ Shave Soap Mold (MW 523)
Make men’s shaving soap bars with this perfect sized bar mold! This circular mold has SHAVE SOAP in the middle with a decorative border around the outside.

Helpful Product Information:
Material: Plastic Style: Bar
Avg. Bar Weight: 2.6 oz Bar Cavities: 4
Bar Depth: 0.875" Bar Length: 2.75"
Bar Width: 2.75" Max Temperature: 135ºF
Mold Capacity (oz): 10.4

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