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Cosmetic Additives Additives By Group Exfoliants and Scrubs - (You Are Here - C3004)

Exfoliants and Scrubs

Exfoliants are popular additives for scrubs and soaps. The gritty and coarse texture sloughs off dead skin leaving the body soft and smooth. Exfoliants range from mild to rugged for a wide variety of applications. Facial scrubs would use mild exfoliants such as sugar while pumice powder would be more suitable for a mechanic’s scrub.

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Crafters Choice™ Almond Meal
Almond Meal is made from ground sweet almond kernels and is popularly used for its mild exfoliant properties. Use almond meal in cold process soap and scrubs.

Crafters Choice™ Annatto Seed Powder
Annatto Seeds grow in the tropics and have a natural yellow color. They are loaded with Vitamins C, B’s, and E. They contain wonderful amounts of antioxidants. This can be used to produce a natural orange/yellow color in soap and other bath products.

Approved Cosmetic Uses & Our Test Results
General: No Lip Products: Yes
Bath Water: Yes (Use Poly 80) Migrates: No
Finish: Matte Eye Products: No
CP Soap Stable: No Nails: No
UV Fade: Yes MP Soap Only: No

Crafters Choice™ Apricot Seed Powder
Seeds are sterilized for bacterial control. Due to the small round grain, it is considered a “skin friendly” scrub that is unlikely to cause damage. Use this all natural, finely ground powder in your soaps, lotion bars and scrubs to gently exfoliate the skin.

Crafters Choice™ Black Sea Salt - Fine
All natural Black Sea Salt is solar-evaporated Pacific sea salt combined with activated charcoal made from coconut shells. Fine grain size is ideal for body scrubs and pedicure soaks.

Crafters Choice™ Brown Sugar - Raw Demerara Crystals
Raw Demerara Brown Sugar Crystals come in the form of large, golden crystals. Also called "Raw Sugar". These large granules are perfect for sugar scrubs for the body and hands, and look beautiful on top of soap! Not recommended for facial scrubs.

Crafters Choice™ Coconut Flakes - Extra Fine
Our Coconut Flakes are shredded in an extra fine granule, making them perfect for cosmetic use. Use this sweet smelling coconut powder to decorate bath fizzies, soap cupcakes and much more. Shredded coconut is the perfect way to add a "snowy" effect to soap bars! Can also be used as a mild exfoliant.

Crafters Choice™ Dead Sea Salt - Fine Grain
The waters from the Dead Sea are unique in that they contain 27% of various salts as compared to 3% in normal sea water. The balance of the minerals are magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride and bromides. This is great as a natural exfoliant in salt bars and scrubs. Great for bath salts.

Crafters Choice™ European Spa Salt - Fine Grain
Our European Sea Salt is solar evaporated and harvested from the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea! Produced using solar evaporation. Thought to be the purest salts in the world. All Natural. Use in homemade salt scrubs, bath salts, foot soaks and soap.

Flax Seed Granules
Flax Seed Granules (also called Linseed) is a rich source of omega-3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. It is a popular additive in soap, hair, and skin care products because those fatty acids are thought to be nourishing. Produces a natural light yellow color and serves as an exfoliant. Great in face masks, scrubs and shampoo!

Crafters Choice™ Jojoba Beads - Black
Jojoba beads are used to add color and exfoliate in cosmetics. These beads are made from jojoba wax and black color. Mesh size 20/40 (coarse). These Jojoba Beads are Jet Black in color. Use in CP soap, liquid soap, body scrubs and bath melts!

Crafters Choice™ Jojoba Beads - Lagoon Green
Jojoba beads are exfoliating beads made from jojoba wax and color. Mesh size 20/40 (coarse). These Jojoba Beads are Lagoon Green in color. Use in bars of soap, liquid soap, body scrubs and bath melts!

Crafters Choice™ Jojoba Beads - Outrageous Orange
These Outrageous Orange Jojoba beads are made from orange color and jojoba wax. The beads provide mild exfoliation properties and orange color variation in products. Mesh size 20/40 (coarse).

Crafters Choice™ Jojoba Beads - Spa Blue
Our Spa Blue Jojoba beads are crafted from wax from the Jojoba Plant. Use as a way to add color and exfoliation properties to your handmade scrubs, lotions, liquid soap and more. Mesh size 20/40 (coarse). These Jojoba Beads are are bright Spa Blue in color.

Crafters Choice™ Jojoba Beads - White
Our White Jojoba beads provide mild exfoliation properties and add white color to your handmade lotion, scrubs, soaps and shampoos. Mesh size 20/40 (coarse). These Jojoba Beads are Icy White in color.

Crafters Choice™ Kelp Granules
All Natural Kelp Granules (ground kelp) provide mild exfoliation properties and color variation in products. Kelp contains over 60 minerals and elements, 21 amino acids, simple and complex carbohydrates, which make it an appealing product to use in handmade cosmetics! Use in Scrubs and Soaps.

Crafters Choice™ Lemon Peel Granules
Lemon is a natural astringent, antiseptic, and bactericide. Lemon Peel Granules are used in face and skin care for these properties and as an exfoliant. Our Lemon Peel Granules are a small grain size and provide mild exfoliation.

Crafters Choice™ Luffa Powder - Natural
All natural soft, fine Luffa Powder makes for a great exfoliant. Our luffa is ground to a soft powder so the size and shape of product is unlikely to damage sensitive skin. Add to bars of soap for a sand-like look and a natural exfoliant! Also works great in scrubs.

Crafters Choice™ Oat Scrub - Chopped Oats
Oats are chopped in large pieces which provides naturally mild exfoliation properties and color variation in products. Enhance the beauty and exfoliating properties of bars of soap with these chopped oats. If a finer grade is desired, grind in food processor or coffee grinder. Use Chopped Oats in bars of soap, face and body scrubs, milk baths and more!

Crafters Choice™ Oatmeal - Colloidal
Colloidal Oatmeal creates a barrier against the skin when used in skincare products. The hydrated granules of oatmeal adhere to the surface of the skin and provide a film attracting humidity and reducing friction. This product is great for sensitive or irritated skin. Use in soaps, oatmeal baths, face masks and lotions!

Crafters Choice™ Orange Peel Granules
Orange peel is rich in vitamin C and other fruit acids that are thought to be beneficial in skin care products. These peels are irradiated for bacterial control and specific for cosmetic use. Use in citrus soaps, bath teas and scrubs!

Pink Sea Salt - Fine
Fine Pink Sea Salt is mined from the Himalayan Mountains. It is very popular in cosmetics due to its natural pink color. The extra small grain size is ideal for bath salts, and can also be used as an ingredient in soaps, lotions, and exfoliating salt scrubs.

Crafters Choice™ Pink Sea Salt - Small
Our Small Grain Pink Himalayan Sea Salt varies in color from white to dark pink granular crystals. The small grain size is ideal for bath salts, and can also be used as an ingredient in soaps, lotions, and exfoliating salt scrubs.

Crafters Choice™ Poppy Seeds
All natural poppy seeds can be used to provide mild exfoliation properties and color variation in products. The seeds add a beautiful black spotted design to soaps and work especially well in suspended soap bases. A little goes a long way!

Crafters Choice™ Pumice Powder
Pumice is a natural exfoliant which is made up of volcanic ash! The fine particle size of this pumice powder provides exfoliation properties and color variation in products. Enhance bars of soap or scrubs with this cosmetic pumice powder.

Mesh size is 80-200. Grade is 0-1/2.

Crafters Choice™ Pumice Powder - Super Fine for Sensitive Skin
This natural Pumice Powder from volcanic ash is extra fine, giving it very mild exfoliation properties. It is light tan in color but the color varies in soap and cosmetics. This pumice is ideal for gentle face washes and soaps to be used on sensitive skin.

Crafters Choice™ Soy Scrub
This soy scrub is made from ground, toasted soybeans. It provides naturally mild exfoliation properties and color variation in products. Soy scrub is perfect to add to face masks and soaps because it rejuvenates the skin leaving it soft and smooth.

Crafters Choice™ Sugar - White Granulated Sugar
Our extra-fine white granulated sugar can be used to exfoliate and soften the skin in your handmade body scrubs and lip scrubs. White Sugar can also be used in bath melts, MP soap and Hot Process soap recipes.

Crafters Choice™ Tapioca Pearls
Tapioca Pearls are perfect for turning your soaps and lotion bars into gentle massage bars. These non-scratchy Tapioca Pearls are gluten-free, white pearls obtained from cassava starch. When introduced to water, these expand and break apart and should not clog your drains.

Crafters Choice™ Vita Burst Bead - Black w/Charcoal
The Charcoal Vita Burst Beads are a must have for your detox and cleansing cosmetic line! Each black bead is full of activated charcoal which helps draw oil dirt and oil from the pores. These beads are great for soaps and scrubs!

Crafters Choice™ Vita Burst Bead - Blue w/Vitamin E
These gorgeous Blue Vita Burst Beads are full of hydrating vitamins including Vitamin E and A. Use these beads for visual appeal and for their hydrating qualities to the skin! Safe to use in soaps, scrubs, shower gel and more!

Crafters Choice™ Vita Burst Bead - Gold w/Jojoba
Our Gold Vita Burst Beads are full of Jojoba Oil, which is a dry oil that leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky. The beautiful gold color can be used for a variety of occasions such as holidays, galaxy soaps, beer soaps, glamour cosmetics and more!

Crafters Choice™ Vita Burst Bead - Green w/Olive Oil
These Green Vita Burst Beads are bursting with color and are full of skin-loving olive oil! These green beads look great in soap and shower gel and burst open upon contact with the skin! Green Beads are great for Spring, Fall, Christmas and much more!

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