Crafter’s Choice Products are perfect for Soap Making, Handmade Lotions and Cosmetics.
You Can Create Handmade Soaps, MP Glycerin Soap, Lotion, Shower Gel, Bath Salts, Bath Bombs,
Shower Fizzies, Body Products, Exfoliating Scrubs, Skin Care Formulations, Mineral Makeup, Room Fragrance, Potpourri and Much More!

Number One Brand Chosen By Professional Crafters.

Product highlights include Melt and Pour
Soap Bases, Fixed Oils, Butters,
Natural Colors, Molds,
Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils

Product highlights include Lotion Bases,
Shower Gel Bases, Fixed Oils, Butters,
Natural Colors, Cosmetic Colors,
Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils.

We stock over 700 concentrated
fragrance oils for soap making and
handmade cosmetics. Always full
strength and never diluted.

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