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04 oz White Boston Round Bottle - 24/410 (Surplus)
This 4 oz White Boston Round Bottle is made of LDPE plastic. Great size for hand creams.
Top Requirement: 24/410 (sold separately).

05 oz Natural Jar, Disc Liner & Lid Set (Surplus)
This 5 oz natural low profile plastic jar set includes a natural dome lid and disc liner with a pull tab. Add a sophisticated look to your product line with this great surplus jar set. Perfect for body butters, salt scrubs, hand creams and more!

Crafters Choice™ Lotion Bar Tube Silicone Filling Tray 3003
This Lotion Bar Tube filling tray allows you to easily fill 48 - 0.5 oz round lotion bar tubes at once. The silicone is durable and easy to clean! Use this silicone tray to your handmade lotion, lip balm or deodorant tubes quickly and with minimal waste.

Rose Water Face Cream Kit
This Rose Water Face Cream is is a luxurious, creamy face lotion that has the lovely benefits of Rose Water. This recipe also uses Argan Oil and Rose Hip Seed Oil, that will help keep skin smooth and hydrated. This kit creates 12 jars of face cream great for dry or aging skin.

You Save $8.53 buying these items as a kit.

Helpful Product Information:
Skill Level: Moderate Estimated Time: 1 Hour
Kit Yield: 12 Jars Sug. Retail Price: $6.95

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