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Shower Gel

Crafter’s Choice Shower Gels are a collection of different liquid washes. The products can be used as they come or can be enhanced with fragrance and color. This collection includes products that can be used for shower gel, body wash, hand soap, and bubble bath.

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Crafters Choice™ Creamy Hand & Body Wash for Foamer Bottles
Thick foam with LOTS of bubbles! The formula contains extra skin softening properties from the Aloe, Vitamin E and Citric Acid levels. The Dimethicone provides an extra silky feel that your customers want after the wash is completed. Enhance this foaming hand wash base with fragrance and color that match your brand!

Crafters Choice™ Liquid Suspension Soap Base
Best suspension liquid wash. Formulated with a combination of ingredients that suspend items that typically float and/or sink. Formulated to also be used as hand soap and bubble bath.

Crafters Choice™ Shower Gel - Crystal Clear
Best “all purpose” liquid wash. Upon use, it produces many slippery, creamy bubbles. Contains cocamidopropyl betaine thought to have aid in antiseptic properties. Formulated to also be used as hand soap and bubble bath.

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