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Soap Making Supplies Equipment & Tools Cutters, Pans and Racks - (You Are Here - C3027)

Cutters, Pans and Racks

Cutters, Pans and Racks that allow you to stay neat and organized when cutting and resting your homemade soaps and cosmetics. Use the shaped soap cutters for unique designs or our straight soap cutter for clean cuts, then let rest on our stackable racks or pans.

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Cutter - Stamp & Punch Combo
This Stamp & Punch Combo Cutter can used as a Soap Stamp or Soap Punch. Comes with a variety of 8 different stamp/punch floral-like designs that make beautiful embeds or embellishments. Soap Punches can be used to embellish soap cupcakes, bath fizzies & much more!

Flower Shaped Soap Cutters (Set of 6)
Decorate soap with soap flower cutouts made with Wilton’s Flower Shaped Soap Cutters. This set of six contains various sizes of flower cutters each with a straight edge and wavy edge. Use these cutouts to decorate soap, bubble cakes, bath fizzies and more!

Our 4-sided stainless steel grater is perfect for grating soap that can then be embedded into bars/loafs as confetti or coconut soap shreds. Can also be used to grate up soap for rebatch. Side panel is clear so that you can see inside the grater.
Measures: 8" x 3.74".

Jelly Roll Pan
This Jelly Roll Pan is great for making soap that will be cut, curled and/or embedded. We use this pan when pouring soap into silicone molds. Set the silicone mold on the jellyroll pan, and pour away. It eases cleanup if there are any spills, and allows you to move the mold easier while soap is setting!

Helpful Product Information:
Bar Depth: 1 Bar Length: 17.25
Bar Width: 11.5 Max Temperature: 500

Crafters Choice™ Mitre Box - For CC Regular Loaf
The Mitre Box is perfect for holding soap in place while slicing a loaf into individual bars. Specifically designed to work with soap loafs formed with the Crafter's Choice Regular Silicone Loaf Mold. Both the straight and wavy cutters fit into the cutting slot. 1" cuts.

Square Shaped Soap Cutters (Set of 6)
Make square soap cutouts or bars of soap with Wilton’s Square Shaped Cutters! This set of six contains various sizes of squares cutters each with a straight edge and wavy edge. Cutouts can be used to embellish larger bars of soap or other bath fizzies.

Stackable Racks
Stackable Racks are a "must have" space saver. Three tiers for saving space while cooling batches of soap. Simply place cooling or curing soap on these racks to save space.

Straight Soap Cutter
Best soap cutter on the market! When used with the Crafter's Choice Mitre Box, it cuts straight each time. Ruler along the bottom that is ideal for free hand cutting.

Wavy Soap Cutter
Our Wavy Soap Cutter can be used to achieve a perfect wavy edge on each soap bar! When used with the Crafter's Choice Mitre Box, it cuts straight down each time. This tool is a great way to add flare to handmade bars of soap.

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