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Food & Bakery

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Crafters Choice™ Cake Slice Silicone Soap Mold 1616
Create aromatic cake slices that are actually good for you! Make soap versions of your favorite pies and cakes such as apple pie, key lime pie, cherry pie, birthday cake or cheesecake with this silicone mold.

Helpful Product Information:
Style: Bar Mold Capacity (oz): 48
Bar Cavities: 8 Avg. Bar Weight: 6 oz
Bar Length: 3.875" Bar Width: 2.625"
Bar Depth: 1.625" Max Temperature: 500ºF

Crafters Choice™ Soap Pop Silicone Mold 1617
Add a touch of summer to your craft show table with soap pops made with this silicone mold! Create classic red, white and blue soap pops in July, or add fruity embeds and sweet scents for a colorful bar suitable all summer long.

Helpful Product Information:
Max Temperature: 500ºF Bar Depth: 4"
Bar Width: 0.8125" Bar Length: 2"
Avg. Bar Weight: 3 oz Bar Cavities: 6
Mold Capacity (oz): 18 Style: Bar

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