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Basic Beard Oil Kit

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Learn how to make a nourishing beard oil with this simple kit and recipe! Customize this easy, beginner-friendly formula by adding your favorite fragrance (not included in kit!), experimenting with different oils, or adding one of our oil-soluble extract blends.

Please Note: this kit does NOT include a fragrance oil. You'll need to purchase one separately to fragrance this product!

When customizing, we recommend adding around 0.5% fragrance. This is less than normal since this product will stay on the face all day, and too much fragrance might be overwhelming. It might be nice to use a 100% natural, synthetic-free fragrance!

Recipe percentages (perfect for scaling your batch up or down):
74.85% Sweet Almond Oil
12% Jojoba Oil – Golden
12% Castor Oil
0.65% Vitamin E
0.5% Fragrance (not included in kit!)

Country Of Origin: See each component for listing.

You Save $11.50 by purchasing this kit rather than buying the items separately.

This kit includes the following items:
     • (1) 1 lb - Sweet Almond Oil - Refined
     • (2) 2 oz - Jojoba Oil - Golden
     • (1) 1/2 oz - Vitamin E Natural T-50
     • (1) 12 Bottle - 02 oz Amber Bullet Plastic Bottle - 20/410
     • (2) 2 oz - Castor Oil
     • (1) 2 oz - Sweet Almond Oil - Refined
     • (1) 12 Piece - 20/410 Black & Natural Yorker Twist Open Top

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