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Soap Making Supplies Melt and Pour Soap Bases Surplus - (You Are Here - P27557)

Diamond Clear MP Soap Base (Surplus)


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Our Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base is specially crafted for high-moisture soaps with an exceptional lather. Each convenient 2 lb slab may exhibit hues ranging from pristine diamond clarity to a subtle yellowish cloudiness. Please be aware that color variations are natural, and we do not accept returns based on color preferences. This soap base is free from animal fats and has never been tested on animals. Note that this soap base is considered by the FDA to be a cosmetic, so remember to label accordingly.

While not the Crafter’s Choice® brand, this soap has been meticulously tested to meet the high standard of soapmaking professionals. This limited-offer item is available only while supplies last.

Country Of Origin: United States

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