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Crafters Choice Plastic Soap Molds

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Crafters Choice™ Apple with Leaf Soap Mold (TBD)
Create apple soap bars with this plastic mold. Perfect for the back-to-school season as teacher’s gifts. This also sells well at fall craft shows or maybe at a special harvest fair or event.

Makes (3) 5 oz. Bars
Bar Dimensions: 3.25" x 3.25" x 1.5"


Milky Way™ Baby Bootie Soap Mold (TBD)
Craft cute baby bootie soaps as a baby shower favor or as a gift for an expecting mother. Color the bow pink, blue or yellow to fit the occasion. These could also be favors at a reveal party.


Crafters Choice™ Classic Rectangle Soap Mold (MW TBD)
Craft natural handmade soap in this traditional soap mold. The finished soap bars will have a raised lip along the perimeter creating a simple and sophisticated look.


Crafters Choice™ Lobster Soap Mold (TBD)
Create lobster soap for your seaside farmer’s market with this Lobster Soap Mold. This is a plastic mold, which allows for intricate details.


Crafters Choice™ Star Soap Mold (CC 186)
This simple star mold is a versatile mold useful all year round. Craft soap for 4th of July, New Year’s Eve or weddings with this mold.


Crafters Choice™ Stork with Bundle Soap Mold (CC 174)
This mold features a stork carrying a bundle of joy. Wow baby shower guests with soap favors made from this mold.

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