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Crafters Choice Plastic Soap Molds

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Milky Way™ Apple with Leaf Soap Mold (MW 510)
Create apple soap bars with this plastic mold. Perfect for the back-to-school season as teacher’s gifts. This also sells well at fall craft shows or maybe at a special harvest fair or event.


Milky Way™ Baby Bootie Soap Mold (MW 507)
Craft cute baby bootie soaps as a baby shower favor or as a gift for an expecting mother. Color the bow pink, blue or yellow to fit the occasion. These could also be favors at a reveal party.


Crafters Choice™ Cherub Soap Mold (MW 509)
Make angelic and spiritual bars of soap with this adorable cherub mold. Use this mold when making soap for a church fundraiser or perhaps Sister soapmakers will like it for their holy soaps.


Milky Way™ Classic Oval Soap Mold (MW 513)
Pour your perfectly formulated soap recipes into this mold for classic oval soap bars. The finished oval bars will have a raised rim around the top of the soap creating an elegant look.


Milky Way™ Classic Rectangle Soap Mold (MW 514)
Craft natural handmade soap in this traditional soap mold. The finished soap bars will have a raised lip along the perimeter creating a simple and sophisticated look.


Milky Way™ Lobster Soap Mold (MW 479)
Create lobster soap for your seaside farmer’s market with this Lobster Soap Mold. This is a plastic mold, which allows for intricate details.


Milky Way™ Massage Bar Soap Mold (MW 517)
Massage your feet with soap or lotion made from this plastic mold. We recommend watching our video on removing soap from plastic molds as this mold can be tricky without the right knowledge.

Makes (3) 4 oz. Bars
Bar Dimensions: 3" x 2.25" x 0.75"


Milky Way™ Star Soap Mold (MW 512)
This simple star mold is a versatile mold useful all year round. Craft soap for 4th of July, New Year’s Eve or weddings with this mold.


Milky Way™ Stork with Bundle Soap Mold (MW 511)
This mold features a stork carrying a bundle of joy. Wow baby shower guests with soap favors made from this mold.

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